MDEC’s GAIN program is like a matchmaking service for companies


In an effort to push the development of Malaysian businesses towards becoming global icons, the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC), designed the Global Acceleration and Innovation Network (GAIN).

GAIN is supposed to help increase the export of Malaysia’s tech solutions and services to the global audience, but how does it do that? Well, it does that by being a little like a matchmaking service.

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This is the master plan to get coding into schools


When MDEC announced that coding would be integrated into Malaysia’s national school curriculum, I was a little disappointed to see that many were caught up with how the program would fail rather than see how much benefit this would bring to our youth.

Perhaps the negativity was justified because when it was first announced, details were a little scarce and the overall direction and how it was going to be implemented was a little too vague. Today though, at the launch of the My Digital Maker program, MDEC and the Ministry of Education (MoE) got together and went into further detail on exactly how coding would be implemented into our national school curriculum.

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MDeC teams up with Google to groom Malaysian YouTubers


YouTubing has to be one of the most hyped professions to have hit the modern age, with so many people trying to get a slice of the video-sharing website’s one billion and up monthly audience. Even children have switched ambitions from wanting to be chefs or doctors to becoming famous ‘YouTubers’. Yes, apparently it’s a noun now.

Well, if your ambition was to be Malaysia’s very own PewDiePie or follow in the footsteps of the boys at Wong Fu Productions, there’s good news. The Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC) has roped in international search engine and verb, Google, to empower local content creators on the web.

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Shop your heart out with Malaysia’s Biggest Online Sale


This post is brought to you by MDeC – Driving Transformation

E-Commerce is the fastest growing component in the industry and to spur further growth, #MYCYBERSALE is back again following its huge success in 2014. The online exclusive sale is an initiative under Digital Malaysia to entice more SMEs to jump onto the digital bandwagon as well as to encourage more consumers to transact online.

The first #MYCYBERSALE held last year had generated RM67 million in revenue from over 227,000 transactions, and this is expected to increase with the growth of the industry.

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