Lenovo Yoga Book

Lenovo introduces the new Yoga Book with dual-display in Malaysia

Lenovo has unveiled three new Yoga notebooks in Malaysia. One of it is the successor of the original Yoga Book which Lenovo claims to be the world’s thinnest dual-display notebook with e-ink. Instead of a Wacom-developed touch surface, the Lenovo Yoga Book C930 features an interesting secondary E Ink display which doubles up as a keyboard, a sketchpad or a reader. 

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Lenovo Yoga Book review: The best future a tablet has

The tablet is in a weird spot. It was supposed to be this hybrid that lives somewhere between the laptop and the smartphone, complementing both. But as smartphones got bigger and laptops got lighter, smaller and more powerful, it became really hard to justify picking up a tablet. And so, the need for such a device dwindled.

But now I think I’ve found the tablet’s salvation. It’s called the Lenovo Yoga Book and I love it to bits.

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Lenovo just launched a Yoga Book you might actually want to buy


Here’s the thing about the Lenovo Yoga Book. I think it’s a beautiful piece of engineering that’s both innovative and futuristic. However, there’s no denying that in its current form, it’s still more ‘cool toy’ than ‘serious workstation’.

That makes the RM2,599 price tag a little hard to swallow. But what if it was a little cheaper? And by a little cheaper I mean a lot cheaper. Meet the Lenovo Yoga A12.

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Stand a chance to win prizes worth over RM30,000 when you buy Lenovo devices this CNY


The Chinese New Year is almost upon us. It’s the time for festivities, fireworks, ang pows, the number 8, food and feeling guilty about eating too much food. It’s an awesome time of year.

But, one other tradition the Chinese like to observe during this auspicious time is to get their hands on new products. Clothes, accessories, shoes, gadgets, you name it, people are probably out queuing up to buy it.

If you’re buying tech, Lenovo wants your attention because they’re offering a whole bunch of goodies when you buy selected products this CNY season.

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