Lenovo Yoga Book C930

Lenovo Yoga Book C930 first impressions: Still nothing quite like it

I don’t think any laptop has caught my eye the way Lenovo‘s original Yoga Book did. It was not a great laptop, nor was it a particularly excellent tablet. It sat somewhere between, but most importantly, it was a breath of fresh air. There was nothing quite like the Lenovo Yoga Book back in the day, and that’s not something you can say very often.

But now, it’s finally time for a refresh. While it was easy to forgive the original Yoga Book for a lot of its flaws — because it was a first-gen device — whatever follows does not have that same luxury. And that follow-up device is called the Lenovo Yoga Book C930, or as I like to call it: The Lenovo Yoga Book 2.

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Lenovo introduces the new Yoga Book with dual-display in Malaysia

Lenovo has unveiled three new Yoga notebooks in Malaysia. One of it is the successor of the original Yoga Book which Lenovo claims to be the world’s thinnest dual-display notebook with e-ink. Instead of a Wacom-developed touch surface, the Lenovo Yoga Book C930 features an interesting secondary E Ink display which doubles up as a keyboard, a sketchpad or a reader. 

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