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Need professional help with your iPhone and iPad? There’s an app for that

Apple Support Malaysia

When you buy an Apple product, you always expect top notch customer service from its authorised service providers. I personally had issues with my old iPhone 5 and 1st gen Apple Watch, which they have replaced for free despite being out of warranty.

Sometimes these issues are unavoidable but what matters most is the way they solve your problem. To enhance its customer service experience, Apple has released its Apple Support app for Malaysia. This acts as a one-stop app for personalised assistance.

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Instagram has a Portait Mode feature but how does it compare to the iPhone X?

Portrait Mode has pretty much taken the world by storm. Forget about fancy variable aperture lens cameras or triple lens cameras, people are only concerned with whether their phone can take pictures of their faces with creamy blurred out backgrounds.

Now, Instagram is making this shooting mode even more accessible with their brand new feature called Focus. Essentially, it lets you take Portrait Mode photos even if your phone can’t. But, how does it stack up to the iPhone X‘s Portrait Mode?

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