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Unconfirmed: iPad 2 Malaysia launch April 29, Singapore same day

UPDATE: iPad 2 stocks spotted in Malaysia! Read about it here.

Update 2: It’s official! April 29 iPad 2 Malaysia launch date is confirmed. Full pricing details here.

While it is fairly obvious by now that the rumoured April 22 Singapore iPad 2 launch is not going to happen, new information have surfaced to support unconfirmed rumours that the iPad 2 will be launching in Malaysia and Singapore at the same time on April 29 — Friday next week — citing highly credible internal sources as saying that this is pretty much confirmed.

Once again just like the earlier rumoured April 22 date, at the moment, there is no way to verify this.

Having said that, Machines — one of the more prominent Apple retailers in Malaysia — recently put out an announcement on its Facebook page looking for additional part-time staff to work for two days only, from April 29 to 30. The announcement has since been removed but a screen capture can be found here.

Could this request for extra hands on deck give us the most important clue ever as to when the iPad 2 will be launched in Malaysia?

Attempts to get more information from our very own source that is close to the matter was futile, though the person did concede that April 29 is “very possible”.

In terms of pricing, Malaysia is expected to be one of the cheapest places where you can get an iPad 2 with prices ranging from RM1,700 for the 16GB WiFi variant to RM2,750 for the 64GB 3G+WiFi variant.

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Unconfirmed: iPad 2 coming to Singapore April 22, Malaysia very soon after

Update: Information has surfaced to support iPad 2 launch in Malaysia on April 29. Read all about it here.

We have unconfirmed information indicating that the iPad 2 will be on sale in Singapore this Friday April 22. Although we labeled this piece of news as “unconfirmed”, sources that we have spoken to have given strong indication that this will be the date that the iPad 2 will go on sale in the island state.

Besides iPad 2 on April 22 has a nice ring to it.

The April 22 launch of the iPad 2 in Singapore gives us a strong clue as to when the device will be launched in Malaysia. Although people in the know that we’ve spoken to are tight-lipped about when the iPad 2 will hit Malaysia, we were able to narrow down to launch date to the following three based on the information that we have:

  • On the same day as Singapore — April 22
  • One week after the Singapore launch — April 28
  • Within the first week of May — May 6

Your guess is as good as ours but one thing is for sure, you’ll get the latest information on the iPad 2 right here on SoyaCincau.com