HTC U12 Life is now available for pre-order in Malaysia

HTC still makes mid-range smartphones and the latest model is the U12 Life. From the rear, it looks like a cross between an iPhone X and a Pixel 2 with its two-tone Liquid Surface back design. 

If you’ve been waiting for a new HTC device, the U12 Life is coming to Malaysia at the end of this month. You can pre-order it starting today with additional freebies while stocks last. 

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HTC Vive has finally arrived in Malaysia

The HTC Vive series is one of the best VR systems in the market and now it’s officially here Malaysia. We get both the Vive Consumer and Vive Pro editions, and HTC is throwing additional freebies for early bird customers. 

On top of that, HTC Malaysia has also announced Viveport, a global platform and app store where you can seamlessly get VR content. The subscription costs RM37.99/month which allows you to select five titles with unlimited access. 

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VR headsets, HTC VIVE and VIVE Pro are coming to Malaysia

HTC VIVE has been the leader in room-scale Virtual Reality (VR) and presumably one of the most advanced VR systems in the market. If you have been dreaming to get yourself a pair of HTC Vive, well I have good news for you. HTC Malaysia has confirmed that the HTC VIVE and VIVE Pro Malaysian launch will be taking place on the 31st October as indicated in a media invitation. Details about pricing and availability will come as we move closer to the launch date, in the meantime, let’s see what these headsets are capable of.

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UPDATED: SoyaCincau’s best smartphones under RM1,200 (2nd half, 2018)

What a year it has been so far since the last time we published our best smartphones under RM1,200 (2018 edition). We changed governments in a historic election nobody saw coming, the Goods and Services Tax (GST) is now zero-rated and, of course, a whole bunch of brand new affordable smartphones launched.

We thought about a simple update to our original guide, but because so much has changed, we figured it would be a disservice for you to just add the couple of new phones to the end of that one. Instead, we decided that it would be better if we gave the whole guide a proper face-lift, featuring the new updated GST-less budget smartphones, several brand new handsets and a revised Editor’s Choice section.

Here’s our ultimate budget smartphone guide Part 2.

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HTC U12+ first impressions: Press on into uncharted territory

You don’t know what you have until it’s gone.

This, I believe, is something many of us know to be true, but often forget because…well, otherwise the saying wouldn’t exist. For many of us, we experience this very often in our lives, whether it’s that transition from moving out of your parents house or leaving the comforting stability of schooling life.

That saying, distilled into its purest form, basically means that we often don’t know what we will actually miss until its gone. And today — or more accurately, in the past few days –I’ve had the joy of being reminded how true this is. I am, of course, talking about the HTC U12+ — in case I wasn’t being obvious enough in my intro — and how much I now miss buttons. Physical clicky buttons on the side of my phone.

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