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Picture of upcoming Nexus 9 by HTC appears


The picture above is purported to be the upcoming Nexus 9 tablet that’s developed by HTC. According to the @upleaks, the Nexus 9 (codename T1) would come in a matte plastic body like the Nexus 5, as opposed its earlier rumoured metal body.

From the picture, we can see its main camera which comes with an assisted flash light. The design of the Nexus 9 looks more squarish which is similar with the iPad mini and Xiaomi Mi Pad with a 4:3 aspect ratio screen.

Spec-wise, the Nexus 9 is rumoured to be a tablet powerhouse with an updated 64-bit Tegra K1 processor that’s mated to 4GB of RAM. Like the Galaxy Tab S, the 8.9″ display is said push a Quad HD resolution at 2560×1440 which gives this a pixel density of 330ppi.

We can expect the Nexus 9 to run with the very latest Android L out of the box. It has just passed FCC certification and word has it that it could be launched as early as October 15.

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Google Nexus 9 by HTC coming very soon

HTC has been focusing on their One and Desire series for far too long. The One series has always been shined under a premium light, with the HTC One M7, and it’s successor the One M8, whereas the Desire series was more fitted for the budget to mid-range segment.

With now new-found plans for their next “big thing”, all fingers seem to point towards a Google direction. Yes, HTC will be making the upcoming Nexus 9 tablet (Codenamed Volantis), and we hope it will not disappoint. The next Nexus tablet will be expected to run on an updated Nvidia’s Tegra K1 processor, named “Project Denver”.

It claimed to be the “first 64-bit ARM processor for Android”, clocked at 2.5GHz strong, as the first K1 was 32-bit with similar specs. It might also be paired with a whopping 4GB of RAM, which would set the new standard for RAM, where the current highest is 3GB. More rumours suggest the device to pack an 8.9” Quad HD screen, with a resolution of 2560×1440 just like the LG G3 and Oppo Find 7.

The Nexus 9 will be the first among few to be powered by Nvidia’s Tegra K1, other than Nvidia’s own SHIELD 2014 edition and the Xiaomi Mi Pad. With no further specs or details are confirmed just yet, there’s still a strong possibility that the device will ship out with Android L out of the box. It would make perfect sense to carry on the Nexus tradition of device releases with their latest software.

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HTC Volantis emerged as potential Nexus 9 tablet with Tegra K1 chipset


The successor of the Nexus 7 has been rumoured for quite sometime now. Recently HTC has been tipped to be making the next device which is their first after a long hiatus in the tablet scene. The folks at Android Police claimed to have gotten some new information on the new HTC based Nexus tablet that’s called Volantis.

Having a 8.9″ display, the upcoming tablet is rumoured to be called as the Nexus 9. The display is said to be pushing a resolution of 2048×1440 pixel which isn’t the highest in today’s flagship tablets line up. The internals are quite interesting as it is listed to be powered by Nvidia’s Tegra K1 processor with 2GB of RAM. It also gets a pair of front facing speakers and a 8MP camera that comes with optical image stabiliser (OIS). For selfie shots, the front gets a larger than usual 3MP camera.

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HTC to make next Nexus tablet with 8″ display size

HTC Flyer Pictured

After two generations of Nexus 7 tablets by ASUS, Google will be looking elsewhere for its upcoming tablet. It is now rumoured that Google has engaged HTC to make the next Nexus tablet with larger 8″ screen targeted for Q3 this year.

Interestingly Google had initially reached out to HTC to manufacture their Nexus 7 tablets but they were too busy with their smart phones at that time. As a result, they had turned to ASUS which manufactured 2 models of Nexus 7 and Samsung for their larger Nexus 10 tablet. This time around, Google is said to be putting less emphasis on its Nexus tablets and the upcoming launch could be a low-key event. Apparently the earlier Nexus 7 tablets had already achieved its goal of boosting Android’s tablet penetration in the market.

HTC isn’t new in the tablet game. 3 years ago, they were one of the pioneers of Android tablets with their HTC Flyer. It came with a stylus and featured a solid aluminium body design in line with their tradition of making premium devices. Sadly it didn’t sell well due to its expensive price tag and later on it was even offered for free with Maxis contract.

They have been absent from the tablet seen for quite a while now and last year they had hinted a few times that a new tablet is in the pipeline. HTC is still struggling financially, and it is yet to be seen if going back to the tablet business would be a good idea.


HTC to make a strong come back with Tablet and Smart Watch in the pipeline

HTC Tablet

HTC has hinted in an interview with Financial Times that they are working on a new tablet and a wearable gadget. While the Taiwanese maker is having some issues financially, they have been making a strong presence this year with their aluminium clad HTC One.

HTC’s venture into tablets was a short lived with the 7″ HTC Flyer launched in Malaysia at a hefty RM2,499 and a 10 incher Jetstream which was only available in the US. Before Android 3.0 Honeycomb was introduced, Android tablets we’re merely large screen smart phones without true tablet functionality however it is commendable that HTC has managed to bring some form of differentiation with its HTC Scribe Pen and custom UI. Today, the Android tablet category is dominated by the likes of Samsung and ASUS.

For its next tablet, HTC is promising something nice and disruptive but without revealing much of its upcoming platform or features. With HTC being an OEM partner of Microsoft, it may be possible that a Surface like tablet is in the works.

On the smart watch, Peter Chou has mentioned that they had worked with Microsoft before but it never made it as a final product. In recognising the importance of wearable gadgets, he also added that they won’t come out with a version one product, with a slight hint at the Galaxy Gear Watch.

With the success of the HTC One and its first attempt with the HTC Tablet, we have confidence with the Taiwanese maker in coming out with something impressive. For now it is all talk and hopefully they would deliver a compelling product.


Maxis offers FREE HTC Flyer and RM299 Motorola Xoom 3G with data bundling

UPDATE: According to Maxis here and here, this promo will be resumed on 25th November 2011 and is applicable to all customers. The bundled plan is a 6GB package of Mobile Data that does not come with voice calls.

UPDATE 2: Maxis has published this offering on their website. According to their FAQ, the 6GB data plan can be subscribed as a standalone broadband only SIM or bolt-on on your existing postpaid voice plan. You can purchase a maximum of 2 units per IC number.

UPDATE 3: The FREE HTC Flyer and RM299 Motorola Xoom offer is extended until 31st December 2011. With anticipated demand for this special deal, we reckon it is valid while stocks last.

Maxis is throwing some time limited deals for the HTC Flyer and Motorola Xoom 3G tablets. With 24 months contract of Maxis 6GB Data Plan at RM98/month, the HTC Flyer can be yours for FREE while the Motorola Xoom 3G is offered at RM299.

DiGi too is offering broadband + tablet bundling plans with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. It also comes with a 6GB data plan contract of RM98/month but with a duration of 12 months. However the subsidy amount isn’t as much with the Galaxy Tab 10.1 offered at RM1584.

Overall, this Maxis offer is a huge reduction from its original HTC Flyer and Motorola Xoom offering. According to their tweet, this offer is valid until 30th November.


HTC reveals HTC Jetstream LTE tablet for AT&T

The 10.1″ honeycomb tablet from HTC has been revealed as the HTC Jetstream, formerly known as the HTC Puccini. This is a 4G LTE ready tablet which is offered via AT&T network. Outright, it goes for a rather pricey US$849.99 (approx. RM2550) or US$699.99 (approx. RM2100) on 2 years contract.

The HTC Jetstream runs on a Qualcomm’s dual core 1.5GHz processor, 1GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage which is upgradable via microSD. Powering the device is a 7300mAh battery rated at 12 hours of web usage. At the back, there’s a 8MP camera with dual flash and there’s a 1.3MP camera at the front. In terms of software, it runs on Android 3.1 with HTC Sense.

Overall, the HTC Jetstream is pretty high spec’ed but it isn’t as slim as today’s contenders. The Jetstream is 13mm thick and weighs 708 grams. One thing we frown upon is the price that’s way too expensive for a honeycomb tablet, even if it LTE ready.

Next question is when will HTC offer plain WiFi or 3G version? Hopefully the pricing will be competitive as they would need to battle it out with other Honeycomb players such as ASUS, Lenovo, Samsung and Motorola.

For more info, you can get more details at AT&T page.


HTC Puccini 10″ tablet details and photo surfaces


Now more details of the upcoming 10″ HTC Puccini has surfaced. The upcoming HTC 10″ Honeycomb tablet has been confirmed to carry a 1.5GHz dual-core processor which will turn up the heat against today’s 1Ghz dual-core tablets. At the back it comes with a 8MP camera with dual LED Flash and comes with 1GB of RAM. Also confirmed that the unit taken above is 4G LTE ready which is expected to come to AT&T.

No ideas when this will reach our shores but based on HTC’s roll out speed, hopefully it won’t be as long as the Galaxy Tab 10.1.

More pics after the break.

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HTC Puccini: Funny codename, decent looking 10-inch tablet

Click for larger image

Behold the HTC Puccini, HTC’s contender in the 10-inch tablet market. Not much is known about the device for a few preliminary specs likes an 8-megapixel camera with dual-LED flash, stereo speakers and what looks to be like a sub-woofer? (top-left corner in the second picture). There’s also talk of a 1.5GHz processor similar to the one in the HTC Flyer.

Similar to the Flyer, the Puccini will feature a stylus and, we assume, the HTC Scribe interface. If the Flyer is anything to go by (we really like the Flyer by the way, it’s just that the price is outrageous for a 7-inch tablet), this Honeycomb Puccini is definitely something worth looking forward to. HTC Malaysia have been very current with their model line-up here with some devices being launched in Malaysia earlier than other major markets. Also recently there have been talks that the HTC Evo 3D will be coming to Malaysia. So it’s safe to say that the Puccini will make it here as well.

One more picture of the Puccini after the jump.

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HTC prepping a Flyer 3D?

It certainly looks like it. This picture is apparently a revised design of the top back cover of the HTC Flyer. As you can see there is a second camera port added to the cover where there was previous just one camera on the original Flyer.

Two cameras can only mean one thing, 3D photos and videos. Despite not running Honeycomb, we like the HTC Flyer very much and the only thing that’s stopping it from flying off the shelves is the price. At RM2,499 outright, the 7-inch tablet looks overpriced compared to the 10-inch Asus Eee Pad Transformer and Apple iPad. If only the device was priced lower, HTC would have a winner in its hands.

So now this mystery back plate begs the question, will 3D capabilities increase the appeal of the Flyer so much so that buyers will look beyond the outrageous pricing? We think not. Besides, 3D — for the most part — is just a gimmick.

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HTC Flyer from Maxis with three new plans

After much anticipation, Maxis has released its service plans for the HTC Flyer. Earlier Maxis announced that the Flyer can be had with contract for just RM199. While many were hoping for a really good deal with a minimum upfront payment, this proved to not be the case.

It turns out that the RM199 value promoted by Maxis is taking into account the savings from rebates you get across the 24 months contract duration when you subscribe to the full Maxis Ultimate Solid plan at RM248/month (RM152 after rebate). The device however must be purchased at full price at a very steep RM2,499

And actually the plans Maxis just released with the HTC Flyer are not exclusive to the device. There are actually new plans called the Maxis Ultimate plans. There are three new plans in all with additional services that offers “unlimited” access to specific sites like YouTube and Facebook.

Head on over the jump as we break it all down for you.

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UNCONFIRMED: HTC Flyer RM199 bundled plan on Maxis

The HTC Flyer RM199 bundled offer from Maxis is going to be revealed tomorrow. This comes after several weeks of delay from its initial May 12 planned launch.

By now most people must be wondering what sort of plan Maxis is offering. Having the RRP of RM2499 outright, it is mind boggling to see Maxis subsidising RM2300 for a device. If you’re thinking that Maxis is charging a premium per month, you may be close to the truth.

According to some tipsters in the comments and via twitter, the HTC Flyer will be offered with a 24 months contract on a RM250/month plan. However that’s not all as you would need to pay a rather hefty upfront payment of RM2499, which is equivalent to the full device price but in exchange, you’ll get RM96 rebated back to your monthly subscription,. This makes your monthly commitment RM154 instead of RM250. If you do the math, RM96 over 24 months gives you RM2300 which is the subsidy amount for the Flyer.

So what will be included with the RM154/month commitment after rebate? We believe it should be a combination of Voice + SMS + Data plan. According to the tips, 16GB is included. As comparison with its typical Android bundles, the typical offer is to bundle a Maxis Value Plus postpaid RM50 with a RM88/month 3GB data plan which makes it RM138/month. As for data only plan, Maxis offers 16GB 3G Broadband for RM158.

However since the HTC Flyer doesn’t allow you to make phone calls, we’re not sure if they are providing voice at all. So it is interesting to see what the plan has to offer with RM250 worth of value. Who knows they might be bundling another smart phone like the Motorola Xoom?

We would like to stress again that the details mention are still unconfirmed but all shall be revealed tomorrow. Keep it locked on to for the latest updates.

If you’ve got a question on the HTC Flyer, head to this page and drop us a comment.

Special thanks to Sam & @azharbinismail for the tips!