GoPro Fusion

Xiaomi could be buying GoPro

When you think action cameras, you think GoPro. It’s like Jacuzzi or Tupperware or Maggi. It’s a brand that has become so synonymous with what they make that they’ve become it. But, despite its global brand recognition, the action camera maker is in dire straits. Things are so bad, in fact, that they could be looking at a sale to Xiaomi.

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GoPro HERO6: Looks exactly like the HERO5 but that’s a good thing

Much like Google has become the household name for search engines (no, nobody uses Bing, get out of here), GoPro is pretty much the go-to brand for users looking for an action cam that works and that can last.

Today, the company revealed their latest and most powerful action cam ever — the GoPro HERO6 Black — which, despite its similar exterior, may be one of the biggest new GoPro launches the company has made in a long time.

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This is the GoPro Fusion and it will change the way you share 360 content

Finally, GoPro has unveiled more details of its upcoming product, the GoPro Fusion. This is their new 360 action camera which will take on the likes of Samsung’s Gear 360 and Ricoh Theta. While other 360 cameras are bumping up in camera specs and form factor, GoPro is putting more emphasis on the output of its videos. The difference lies in the software which will make it more effortless to edit and share your content.

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