HSPA+ speeds on T-Mobile G2

So how fast HSPA+ really offers in the real world? Since U Mobile had started its first ever commercial HSPA+ in Malaysia, we are curious as well.

T-Mobile’s G2, is the first ever HSPA+ mobile device that runs on Android. The folks at Android Central had caught a unit running on T-Mobile’s HSPA+ capable network. From the speed results above, the G2 is capable of hitting nearly 15Mbps. Pretty impressive for a mobile device. Although this comes from an unknown source, we’re pretty much convinced on what HSPA+ is capable of offering.

So can U Mobile offer similar experience? They did claim that they are capable of offering downloads up to 42Mbps. Let’s just see what device they have to offer and how well they perform when it comes to capacity planning.


T-Mobile opens registration for G2, first HSPA+ phone

T-Mobile was one of the pioneers of Android devices when it introduced the G1/HTC Dream. Today T-Mobile has announced its successor, the G2 which happens to be the first to support T-Mobile’s HSPA+. T-Mobile claims that its HSPA+ network is capable of giving “4G-like” speeds.

According to AndroidCentral, the G2 is supposedly the upcoming HTC Vision that has a slider keyboard. There’s nothing much on T-Mobile’s site except for a registration of interest and its rumoured for release in September.