Fake news

New feature in YouTube tells you which videos are from reliable sources

YouTube is doing its bid to curb the spread of fake news with the rollout of the Top News and Breaking News features to viewers in Malaysia. The video platform now indicates to viewers which videos are from reliable news sources. This, Youtube hopes, will improve the news viewing experience on the platform and make credible sources more readily accessible to viewers.

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Did Ministry of Finance announce the abolishment of GST by 1 June 2018?

Abolish GST Malaysia 2018

UPDATE: Ministry of Finance announced that GST will be zero-rated effective 1 June 2018.

Today, a purported press release declaring GST will be abolished by 1 June 2018 has been circulating online. It claims to be from the Ministry of Finance and it also mentions that GST collected from 9 May 2018 will be refunded back as compensation. The purported release also mentions that no new tax will be introduced throughout the first two years of Pakatan Harapan’s administration.

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Here’s what you need to know about Malaysia’s new Anti-Fake News Act 2018

You may have heard that Malaysia’s Anti-Fake News Bill 2018 was gazetted and went into effect yesterday, the 11th of April. It’s a bill that’s designed stop the spread of fake news which has become a hot topic of discussion lately.

Now that it’s in effect, what does this mean for you? Well, we went through Anti-Fake News act 2018 and have outlined some of the things you need to know about Malaysia’s new act.

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Facebook can’t even protect themselves from fake news


There are lots of fake news on our social feed these days. What’s more disturbing is they are ridiculously more popular due to its sensationalised headlines. Sadly, most people wouldn’t even bother to verify the news before hitting the share button. Mark Zuckerberg had mentioned that 99% of what you see on Facebook is authentic but he pledged to do more to tackle fake stories on their social network.

If you have friends who are in Bangkok yesterday, you probably would have gotten a notification through Facebook’s Safety Check feature, indicating that they are safe from an alleged explosion. It turns out there was no serious explosion in Bangkok at all.

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