Google’s Titan drones will enable 5G internet from the sky


We bet you haven’t heard from the Google’s X labs; an olive branch of Alphabet that has been busy experimenting with robots, self-driving cars, glass (now scrapped) and our topic of discussion today, Project Skybender.

Under the watchful eye of CEO Astro/Eric Teller – who comes from a long line of bright minds – since 2010, Google X has been toying with these high-altitude solar-powered drones for four years.

And the latest reports claims that they are testing internet-delivering drones.

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Top 5 drone developments to watch out for this year


The unmanned aerial vehicle used to be a thing in the movies associated with weapons of mass destruction the size of a family saloon. That, or your three-man killstreak in Call of Duty.

Now though, these UAVs — or drones — are more commonly associated with fancy camera equipment you can use to film your cat climbing up a tree. Or sick drag race vids. We’d go with the cat though because we all know cats rule the internet.

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Grabbing drones out of the air is a seriously bad idea


Whoever thinks that grabbing a drone in midair is a good idea, you might want to think twice. Despite their flimsy nature drones are still whirling blades of death and attempting to snag one while its in flight is a lot more dangerous than people would believe.

Enrique Iglesias has taken to using drones during his shows to get crowd shots and had developed the unfortunate habit of grabbing them mid-flight to get POV shots with his most recent attempt at his concert in Tijuana ending badly.

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