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DJI Mavic 2 Pro & Zoom hands-on: What more do you want?

Everyone remembers the DJI Mavic Pro. At the time of its launch, there simply wasn’t a drone like it in the market. I mean, yeah there was technically the GoPro Karma, but I’d argue that even that drone is nowhere near as polished as the Mavic Pro.

Not only did the Mavic fold smaller, it also flew better and had all of DJI’s excellent intelligent flight systems and computer vision — it was much better as a standalone product. Meanwhile, the Karma was designed to fit into GoPro’s ecosystem — and I have to say they did a good job there — leveraging the company’s existing action cameras while also adding a touch of modularity with the Karma Grip. At least they were doing a good job, until Karmas started falling out of the sky.

So, I’d argue that the Mavic Pro was definitely in a class of its own. And when you’ve got such a game-changing device, the question becomes: How do you follow it up? Well, DJI thinks the way forward to is to have two versions of the Mavic 2.

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DJI Spark is now available in Malaysia for less than RM1,800

Looking for a drone that’s super easy to fly? The DJI Spark is a great way to get started and you don’t even need the remote to operate its basic functions. It’s even smaller than the DJI Mavic Pro, making it more practical to carry a drone around. For those who have been eyeing one for a long time, now is probably the best time to grab one as you can get an official DJI Malaysia unit at over RM500 off.

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Planning to buy the DJI Spark? Read this first

We love our DJI Spark drone because there are lots to like about it. From stuff like its ultra-portable size, its flying prowess, image quality and even the stability of its mechanical gimbal, the Spark is a great entry-level drone.

However, if you think that DJI was able to produce something this small and affordable without at least some limitations, you’re kidding yourself. After spending some time with the Spark, here are five big things we learned that we think you should know about before you think of buying one for yourself.

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