DiGi Prepaid offers 1 year validity

After Maxis launched its Hotlink 365, DiGi has responded with its Reload Once, Stay Connected for ONE Year offer for a limited time period between 23rd July – 31st August 2008.

DiGi’s offer is simple and gives more value to its customers as it only requires a RM100 usable reload. This means every single sen spent for validity is actual credit or talk time that subscribers can use.

On Hotlink 365, its subscribers are required to pay a yearly fee of RM33 which is similar to paying access fee which subscriber can’t utilise.  On top of the RM33 fee, they would need to top up RM30 within the first 6 months of activation.

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U Mobile New Postpaid: U38, U68 & U98

Along with their U Mobile 018 Prepaid, U Mobile has introduced 3 new postpaid plans earlier this month, namely U38, U68 & U98. U38 is not an entirely new product as it was launched several months earlier as U Mobile’s first postpaid commercial offering in April.

Since U Mobile is pushing on their per second billing, U38 was revised from having 15 seconds block to 1 second block and reduced their off net rate slightly from 28 sen/minute to 24 sen/minute (0.4 sen/sec).

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DiGi to introduce 4 new plans?

Update: It is confirmed. The new plans are DG20, DG50, DG150 & DG250

Shortly after the release of U Mobile’s new postpaid plans (U38, U68 & U98), DiGi is about to introduce some exciting new postpaid plans. From what was reported on NTV7 tonight, it seems that there would be 4 plans which one of which we believe is offering FREE domestic calls.

We would like to link the NTV7 report of DiGi’s new postpaid plans here but NTV7 site is in a revamp process for their 10th anniversary.

Check back here again for details.

DiGi Postpaid: DG20, DG50, DG150 & DG250

Happy Prepaid: Joy for how long?

Happy says they are the prepaid mobile plan that’s just nice. We say: barely

Happy was launched sometime in December 2007 and it had created some buzz in the telco industry.

Who is this Happy? By now, most of you should have seen its multi coloured advertisements on TV, Internet and newspaper. While Happy is a part of DiGi, it tries to disassociates itself from the big yellow where its advertisements and promotional materials do not carry the DiGi brand. Even their sales channel are limited to their website and selected Giant hypermarkets. We’re wondering why they are not making use of DiGi’s already established dealer channels nationwide.

It is only after you looked closely, you will know that Happy comes from DiGi. In fact, Morten Lundal, the former CEO of DiGi said that Happy is formed by a rebel group in DiGi’s headquarters itself.

The next question is why did they create Happy when DiGi is already a strong prepaid-centric brand? It could be possible that Happy is a limited time experiment by DiGi. In an event where the outcome is not desirable, they could easily pull the plug on Happy without affecting DiGi as a whole.

So what’s the deal with Happy?

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