D-Link DIR-457 review

D-Link DIR-457 pocket WiFi router review

Have you ever been in a situation where you wish that you had a WiFi hotspot to connect to the Internet to? If you wanted to get some surfing done while out and about you would be limited to hotspots at restaurants or cafes; or you’d have to get a dongle and plug it into your laptop – not really a feasible option for someone who needs to whip out his computer get connected right away.

Also, we’re putting it on record that 3G dongles are ugly. We just hate looking at the thing jutting out of a laptop USB port with a blinding blue lights flashing at every single click.

Enter the WiFi pocket router. A WiFi pocket router grabs 3G signals and turns it to WiFi connectivity for you to use. Unlike USB dongles, these pocket routers allow you to share your 3G connectivity with as much as five WiFi devices.

Some people will instantly see how a WiFi pocket router would be tremendously useful for them but for others, they might not see the point. Which side do you belong to? Well, read the rest of this review to find out.

This is our review of the D-Link DIR-457 pocket WiFi router.

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