Google Chrome will be better at blocking intrusive and misleading ads

Google wants to crack down hard on what it calls “abusive experiences” on its Chrome browser with an enhancement in an upcoming.  The Chrome 71 browser update is scheduled to be released sometime in December this year. With the update, Google hopes to improve Chrome’s ability to block ads that it deems misleading and intrusive, in fact, Google says that the update “will remove all ads on the small number of sites with persistent abusive experiences.” Of course as a user, you will have the option to disable the ad blocker feature if you like. 

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WTF is Meltdown and Spectre? Here’s what you should know about these massive CPU exploits

Don’t you just love it when you wake up to a massive security exploit that affects pretty much every device you own that has a processor? If you do, you’re going to love it when you find out that there are actually TWO massive security exploits that affect pretty much every device you own that has a processor.

They’re called Meltdown and Spectre, and here’s what you should know about these vulnerabilities as well as what you can do to keep yourself safe.

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Android Go will make ultra budget phones more pleasant to use

Google has been talking about connecting the next billion. These are basically users in the emerging markets that would access the internet for the first time on a smartphone. Previously, Google had initiated Android One with an aim to make smartphones more affordable. This was achieved by giving vendors a reference device template to follow while running on stock Android software.

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Google rolls out feature to install apps directly from search results


If you’re a lazy sloth that doesn’t bother with the Play Store and instead searches on Google for apps, you’ll now get the ability to install those apps directly from the results. Earlier on, users were shown the app but clicking on the link would just throw them into the Play Store, where they would have to manually click again to get an app installed.

No more, says Google.

At least for some. Google is currently rolling out the new feature to Android users worldwide and it’ll come in stages.

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Google Maps to get offline turn by turn navigation

google IO -2

Good news for people who have bad lines, Google will soon be implementing offline search in the Google Maps app which will be massively helpful for people with spotty internet connections.

Offline functionality will basically allow users to enjoy offline turn-by-turn voice navigation instructions with the offline support hitting devices later this year.  Also joining this is the YouTube Offline option that will be available in India, Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam that will allow you to download and keep videos on your device for up to 48 hours.

On top of this, Google is working towards data usage optimization while using Chrome so data consumption will be reduced by as much as 80 percent. Overall the new features will hopefully ease the data burden on devices that are stuck with expensive plans or bad connections so at least you can get home in one piece.


WhatsApp Web now supports more browsers


If you prefer to use a web browser that’s not Chrome and like to be connected on your WhatsApp all the time, you’ll be happy to know that WhatsApp has extended support for its Web WhatsApp service to Opera and FireFox so now you can use WhatsApp on your computer without the need to open Chrome. Get access the WhatsApp web here.

Chrome is nice and all but it is one of the most resource intensive browsers out there, so if you want your machine to run faster and longer, it make sense to run light and fast browsers like Opera or Firefox.

If you’re on iOS however, you’re out of luck because, support for WhatsApp Web is still not available yet.


Chrome World Wide Maze – Desktop Maze game controlled with your smart phone


Google Japan has a new experiment called the World Wide Maze which turns your favourite websites into a 3D maze game. With Chrome on your desktop PC synced to your smart phone, you can now have an interactive game controlled with your hands using the accelerometer of your phone. It works with Chrome browser for Android and iOS.

Try it out at Chrome Maze’s site.

Head after break for the promo video.

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Send links to your Android phone with Google Chrome to Phone

Even wanted to send browser links to your phone so that you can read it during lunch?

Well now you can with the new Chrome to Phone extension that adds a button to your Google Chrome browser that instantly sends web pages, maps, YouTube videos, phone numbers and even copied texts to your Android smartphone.

With Chrome to Phone you can send links from your browsing session straight to your Android device so you can continue browsing the same content on your phone. Chrome to Phone works with Google Maps as well, so once you’ve found the directions to where you want to go next, you can send the link directly to your Android device and it will automatically launch the Google Maps app ready for you to get going on your journey.

Same goes for links on YouTube as well as phone numbers on a web page. Let’s say you want to make a dinner reservation and the place you want to make the reservations have their contacts online, all you need to do is send the contact over to your Android device using Google Chrome to Phone and your phone will launch its dialer with the selected number already entered, ready for you to make the call. You can also select text on browsers and send them over to your phone. Doing so will automatically copy the text and launch your Android clipboard for later viewing.

Unfortunately, Google Chrome to Phone only works with devices running Android 2.2 (Froyo). For the many Malaysian Android fans out there, that means you can’t use Google Chrome to Phone at the moment because none of the Android devices widely available here have official Froyo updates (unless of course, if you have the Nexus One or Droid 2).

If you do have a Nexus One or Droid 2, you can get Chrome to Phone by installing the extension in your Google Chrome browser and the Android application on your phone from Android Market, and you’re ready to go.

Check out the intro video of Google Chrome to Phone after the jump for more.


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