BlackBerry PlayBook review

Why should consumers buy the BlackBerry PlayBook over the iPad 2?

The BlackBerry PlayBook has been heavily criticised for the lack of a native email and other personal information management software client and while we can’t fault the QNX platform’s superiority in web browsing and multi-tasking functionality, the other shortcomings of the PlayBook makes it a less than ideal device someone who doesn’t own a BlackBerry device.

But what does RIM have to say about all this? RIM’s Co-CEO Jim Balsillie spoke to Bloomberg to explain the company’s strategy behind the PlayBook and answers the question “why should consumers buy the PlayBook over the iPad 2?”

Bonus after the jump: Wall Street Journal spoke to Jim Balsillie on the reason behind not including a native email client in the PlayBook.

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BlackBerry PlayBook unboxed

For those of you who’s interested in the BlackBerry PlayBook here’s an unboxing video of a retail unit of the device.

We like that you get a a rapid charging travel adapter, a neoprene case as well as a micro HDMI and a micro USB cable in the box. We don’t like that the case is ugly and you don’t get the rapid charging dock as well.

For more on the BlackBerry PlayBook, check out our first impressions here.


First Impressions: BlackBerry PlayBook

The BlackBerry Playbook has been generating a great deal of interest here in Malaysia and that’s not really a surprise considering that the BlackBerry brand has a bit of a cult following in this country. There are people out there who would not even consider anything else other than a BlackBerry device. And then there are others who use other devices but will never give up their BBs for things like instant messaging and email.

You can chalk the success of the brand here in Malaysia to the popularity of BlackBerry’s proprietary BlackBerry Messenger service. Or it could be that most, if not all, BlackBerry users prefer a tactile physical keyboard over a virtual replacement. Whatever the reason may be, there are a lot of Malaysians out there that are just waiting to get their hands on the PlayBook.

The PlayBook is unlike any device RIM has ever produced. It is the company’s first tablet device and with it RIM debuts its QNX platform. So does this first attempt to enter into the tablet by RIM a worthy contender? Can the PlayBook live up to its hype? Would it be able to woo non-BlackBerry users to jump ship?

Head on over to after the jump to find out. This is our first impressions of the BlackBerry PlayBook.

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