BlackBerry Playbook Malaysia

Celcom offer BlackBerry Playbook from RM1088 without contract

It appears to be raining BlackBerry Playbooks. If Maxis Playbook + BlackBerry combo isn’t attractive enough, Celcom is now throwing the Playbook at low prices while stocks last. You can now get a Playbook from Celcom WITHOUT contract at the following prices:

BlackBerry Playbook 16GB – RM1,088
BlackBerry Playbook 32GB – RM1,388
BlackBerry Playbook 64GB – RM1,688

As comparison, the prices above were previously tied with 24 months contract for existing Celcom BlackBerry contract extensions but now it is offered outright.

The only problem though is that the offer is valid until 31st November 2011. Either this is a typical typo or Celcom is using a different Calendar system that we are not aware of.

If you have been eyeing for a playbook, head over to Celcom’s Playbook page.

Maxis offers BlackBerry Bold 9790 + Playbook Combo

Just like the previous combo offer, Maxis now has extended the offer which bundles the Playbook with newer models. This time around you can get a BlackBerry Bold 9790 or Torch 9800 with the Playbook 16GB version for only RM1,288. This is tied with 24 months contract of BIS Advance.

If you’re interested, you gotta act fast as it is limited to first 1,500 customers only.

For more information, head over to Maxis FB Page.

FAQ on the offer after the break.

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Maxis offers combo deals for BlackBerry PlayBook

Retailers are definitely purging PlayBook stocks. Just like Brightstar, Maxis is also offering combo deals with hefty discounts on the PlayBook when you purchase the tablet together with a BlackBerry smartphone and subscribe to Maxis’ BIS90 with a 24 months contract.

Details from Maxis official Facebook page:
Bold 9900 + 16GB PlayBook = RM2,380 (RM99/mth*)
Bold 9780 + 16GB PlayBook = RM1,730 (RM72/mth*)
Torch 9810 + 16GB PlayBook = RM2,260 (RM94/mth*)
Torch 9800 + 16GB PlayBook = RM1,930 (RM80/mth*)
Pearl 9105 + 16GB PlayBook – RM1,030 (RM43/mth*)

*24mths 0% EPP with MayBank.
*Upgrade to 32GB PlayBook by top up RM260 & 64GB PlayBook by top up RM560.

The offering from Maxis is slightly better from what Brightstar is giving because it includes the latest Bold 9900 in the promotion and the selection of devices is better. Still, we see more BlackBerry users using the iPad than the PlayBook. If you’re a BlackBerry fan would you get a PlayBook now?

Brightstar Malaysia slash BlackBerry PlayBook prices

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Brightstar Malaysia, authorized distributor for BlackBerry products in Malaysia, is currently running a promotion offering a price cut of RM466 across the full BlackBerry PlayBook range.

Promotional prices for the PlayBook:
16GB — RM1,133 (was RM1,599)
32GB — RM1,433 (was RM1,899)
64GB — RM1,733 (was RM2,199)

In addition, Brightstar is also offering discounts up to RM899 when you purchase the PlayBook together with a BlackBerry smartphone. More details here.

The discounts are following a trend that suggests BlackBerry is trying to clear stocks of its unsuccessful PlayBook tablet. Just recently in the US, RIM announced that is it giving away a free PlayBook with every two purchased. Closer to home, we saw previously Celcom and Maxis offering a similar combo deal to the one that Brightstar is offering.

Things are not looking good for the Canadian tech company as Reuters report RIM shares plummeting to a seven-year low as the manfacturer’s US market share takes a nose-dive from a respectable 24% last year to a dismal 9% in the third quarter of this year.

Will RIM be able to recover from this downward spiral? It’s not impossible but RIM needs to get its a$$ in motion to catch up with the advancements made by Apple and Google.

RIM sold only 490,000 PlayBooks in its first three months

RIM has just sold 490,000 BlackBerry PlayBooks in the first three months of the tablet’s launch in April this year.

In comparison, Apple sold 9.25 million iPads over the same period, according to a Bloomberg report. In the same report, Bloomberg says analysts predict that RIM will sell around 2.2 million PlayBooks in its first year.

Obviously, this doesn’t bode well for RIM that is also currently under tremendous pressure from investors who want the company to turn its fortunes around or opt for an acquisition.

At launch, RIM had expected the PlayBook to boost its position in the mobile device market, a market in which the once dominant force is currently rapidly losing market share to Apple and Google’s Android platform, but being late to come into the tablet game and deciding not to include dedicated e-mail or instant messaging and a shortage of consumer applications has severely affected PlayBook sales.

While the new BlackBerry Bold 9900 offers a glimmer of hope for RIM with its improved hardware and BlackBerry 7 operating system, RIM’s long-term success lie in the public’s reception towards its yet-to-be release QNX devices. At the moment RIM’s biggest challenge will be if it can release these QNX devices on time.

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Celcom BlackBerry Playbook Plans revealed

Celcom has revealed that it is offering the BlackBerry Playbook tablet. This makes Celcom the 3rd Malaysian telco to offer the Playbook after Maxis and U Mobile. It is currently shown as coming soon but the plans and bundling options have been revealed on their website from as low as RM888 for 24 months contract on business plans.

All 3 BlackBerry Playbook models (16GB/32GB/64GB) are being offered. Existing Celcom customers can opt to get it together with a BlackBerry Smart Phone or as a standalone with further extension on existing BlackBerry contract.

More details of the plans and pricing after the break.

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BlackBerry Playbook now offered from U Mobile

When it comes to latest flagship devices, bundling usually comes from the top 3. Not any longer as U Mobile also offers the BlackBerry Playbook, a month after Maxis.

U Mobile only offers 2 versions – 16GB and 64GB. Outright, the Playbook is offered at RM1,599 (16GB) and RM2,199 (64GB) for existing customers. With a RM68/month U Mobile BIS subscription, it can be yours for RM1,199 (16GB) and RM1,699 (64GB). Surprisingly it is written as no contract which is very unlikely for a subsidised offering. We are inclined to believe that it is offered with 24 months contract and we will try to confirm the details.

To sweeten the offer, they are also throwing in RM350 worth of accessories while stocks last.

For more info, head to U Mobile’s BlackBerry Plans page.

Thanks to @densyooi for the heads up!

Maxis BlackBerry Playbook plans and pricing revealed ahead of launch

The Maxis Blackberry Playbook plans are finally revealed with the official launch happening on Saturday, 16th July 2011 at KL Convention Centre. For those who want to be the first to own it, Maxis is opening its pre-booking for the Playbook their site. There are a total of 3 Playbook models available with outright pricing as follows:

16GB PlayBook – RM1,599
32GB PlayBook – RM1,899
64GB PlayBook – RM2,199

So how are the plans like? They are 2 PlayBook Data plans with 1.5GB and 3.0GB data quotas at RM30/month and RM50/month respectively with a choice of 12 or 24 months contract. For current BIS subscribers, the PlayBook bundled pricing are as follows:

If you pair it with a brand new BlackBerry Bold 9780 or BlackBerry Torch 9800 device, you’ll get a further RM100 off on the playbook above.

For non-Maxis BIS subscribers, they are offering pretty much the same thing since they require you to buy both PlayBook and BlackBerry smart phone as well.

As an additional promo offer, they are also giving a limited edition BlackBerry PlayBook convertible case and HDMI cable kit worth RM288 with Free Maxis WiFi access throughout your contract period for the first 600 customers that purchase at the event.

To book yours, head to Maxis BlackBerry site. If you haven’t read it, check out our PlayBook First Impressions.

Maxis to offer BlackBerry Playbook in Malaysia

Just while we’re wondering when is BlackBerry’s PlayBook coming to Malaysia, Maxis has started to offer Registration of Interest for the device. Last week, it was announced that the PlayBook will be coming to 16 countries in the next 30 days but Malaysia wasn’t part of the list.

No mentions when Maxis will officially make this available but another BlackBerry centric telco, Celcom too is expected to offer the device as well. It is anyone’s guess who will actually be the first to bundle the 7″ PlayBook in Malaysia.

To register your interest, head here. As usual, those that register will be able to get early pricing ahead of launch.

Don’t forget to check out our first impression of the PlayBook few months back.

RIM announces PlayBook official launches in 16 countries. Malaysia mana?

RIM issued a press release to announce the launch of the BlackBerry PlayBook in 16 countries within the next 30 days.

Neighbours Singapore and Indonesia are among the 16 countries listed. Malaysian mana?

At last count, Malaysia has as many BlackBerry users as Indonesia, both with around 1 million users. We’re wondering why the discrimination? Surely local PlayBook hopefuls are bitterly disappointed by this news.

Anyways, listed below is the full 16 countries getting the PlayBook in the next 30 days.

  • UK
  • Spain
  • France
  • Netherlands
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • UAE
  • India
  • Hong Kong
  • Singapore
  • Indonesia
  • Australia
  • Mexico
  • Colombia
  • Venezuela

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RIM demos native email, calendar and contacts app on the BlackBerry Playbook

Now, this is more like it.

Perhaps in response to heavy criticism for not having a native email, calendar and contacts application built right into the BlackBerry Playbook, RIM has just demonstrated at BlackBerry World 2011 that native email and PIM applications for the device is actually on its way as an OS update.

PlayBook users can expect to see Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, MemoPad and Email all run natively on the device without the need to setup a BlackBerry Bridge connection. BBM however will still require you to tether your BlackBerry phone to the PlayBook.

RIM says you can expect the update to roll out to BlackBerry PlayBook users sometime in June. Also PlayBook users can expect regular updates with new features being introduced to the PlayBook more frequently than competing tablet devices.

It looks like by the time the PlayBook actually arrives in Malaysia we’ll be getting all the missing features built right into the device. For PlayBook hopefuls this is a good development.