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Need professional help with your iPhone and iPad? There’s an app for that

Apple Support Malaysia

When you buy an Apple product, you always expect top notch customer service from its authorised service providers. I personally had issues with my old iPhone 5 and 1st gen Apple Watch, which they have replaced for free despite being out of warranty.

Sometimes these issues are unavoidable but what matters most is the way they solve your problem. To enhance its customer service experience, Apple has released its Apple Support app for Malaysia. This acts as a one-stop app for personalised assistance.

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Your Apple Watch 2 with swollen battery could be fixed for free

Apple Watch 2 free repair

Not too long ago, one of our original 1st gen Apple Watch had its screen pop out like the picture above. It was out of warranty but we managed to get it replaced for free. Apparently, Apple had quietly extended the warranty for up to 3 years to address issues of swelling batteries on their first generation product.

Now it appears that Apple is doing something similar for its newer Apple Watch Series 2 that has water resistance and built-in GPS.

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If your Apple Watch screen pops out like this, you could get it replaced for free

The Apple Watch is undoubtedly the best selling smart watch of all time. In its 3rd generation, the Apple Watch retains the same design and if you’re still on the first gen Apple Watch, there’s very little reason to upgrade unless you’re into swimming and require better water resistance.

If your good old Apple Watch from 2015 is having its screen popped up as shown above, don’t attempt to fix it yourself. It happened to our own unit and we just managed to get the whole watch replaced for free.

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Malaysian students can enjoy Apple Music at half price

Apple wants to make its music service more accessible to students worldwide. Instead of paying full price, this new student membership lets you enjoy the same perks at up to 50% off.

This student benefit is now available in almost all countries where Apple Music is available and this includes Israel, Malaysia, the Philippines, Poland, Portugal and Taiwan. It’s open to all students studying undergraduate or post-graduate courses at a qualifying institute.

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