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Android mini collectibles Series 3 teased, coming soon.

Android Collectibles Series 03

If you’re a big collector of Dyzplastic Android collectibles, the 3rd series is expected to be released soon in July. It was supposed to be launched sometime in Q2 but they had to spend more time with the design and manufacturing process which Dyzplastic claims to be much better than ever. The previous series, come with 16 pieces and costs RM465 per set.

Also coming out next month is the Summer Edition for Comic-Con that’s limited at 1,000 sets. If it is coming to Malaysia, you can expect them to come in very limited numbers like the Chinese New Year & Christmas editions.

Head after the break for another sneak preview of Series 3 collectibles.

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Your Lunar New Year is not geek without these prosperity Android collectibles

Alright Android fans, check out these limited edition Asia exclusive release Android collectibles designed in conjunction with the upcoming Chinese New Year. The three figurines represent Blessing (福), Fortune(祿) and Longevity(壽) and are available from the Taken Shop for RM118.80 excluding delivery if your interested in adding a geeky touch to your Chinese New Year celebrations this time around. For more details, head on over to the Taken Shop.

Limited Edition Toy Soldier Android mini collectible to add some cheer to your geeky Christmas

Android mini collectible…erm…collectors listen up Artist Gary Ham is back this holiday season with this deliciously detailed and oh so cute special edition Android Toy Soldier figurine.

The limited run collectible retails for RM32.90 and features a removable decorative key accessory along with movable arms and head. The figurine also comes in a special see through box for that added special Christmas feeling.

The limited edition Android mini Toy Soldier is designed in New York by Andrew Bell produced by makers of quality Android figurines – Dyzplastic.

Pre-orders for this Android collectible starts now and shipping will begin on December 16 2011. Get yours at The Taken Shop.

Limited Edition Don Pablo Android mini collectible

For the die hard Android fans, now there’s a new mini collectible for Halloween. Dyzplastics the maker of genuine Android mini figures has introduced Don Pablo, a special edition Mexican themed droid for Halloween.

The official release date is on 1st November but you can order it now for RM39.90. Since this is a special edition design, stocks would be rather limited. If you’re interested, head over to the Taken Shop.

Android Mini Collectible Summer Special Edition

If you love Android Mini Collectibles, here’s something to add to your collection. Now for this summer, there are 4 new unique designs which debuted at San Diego Comic Con 2011. The 4 piece set consists of 2 heros and 2 villains figures.

Since these are special editions, you might want to pre-order yours now from the Taken Shop at RM199. It will be officially released on 1st August which is just a week away and each customer can only order a maximum of 2 sets.

For more information, head to the Taken Shop or visit their Facebook page.

Head after the break for more pics.

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Android Mini Collectibles Series 2

As previewed several months back, the Android Mini Collectibles Series 2 is finally here in Malaysia. The TakenShop is an authorised online retailer in Malaysia where you can order these collectibles locally without incurring expensive international freight charges.

For the collectibles, you are able to purchase random individual pieces at RM32/each while a complete box set is sold at RM465. The individual pieces are completely random and you won’t know know which design you’ll get. For serious collectors, you are guaranteed to get 11 of the base designs in the complete box set with some of them repeated like the Greeneon, Bluebot, Hexcode and IceBerg. The fun however doesn’t stop there as there’s a mystery design in every box set. We are told that there are 3 mystery designs in total. Read on for the full unboxing.

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Androski: The infinitely customisable DIY Android figurine is here

If you like Android figurines and you like DIY and you like customising the hell out of anything and everything that you own then this Androski DIY Android figurines was probably created with you in mind.

Available exclusively online at The Taken Shop, the Android Androski Figure Avatar Self-Assemble Kit comes with ruberised body parts and accessories for you to assemble your own rendition of the Android robot. The way that kit is design means that the Android figurine is virtually infinitely customisable and pose-able in any way you can think of.

The Androski kit includes:

  • Two Androski Figures (Self assemble parts)
  • One Androski Mini Phone Pendant
  • Too many accessories
  • Decals

We got our own kits courtesy of The Taken Shop and we’ve been having crazy fun customising the Androski. We especially like that it’s configurable to become a phone holder. The kit is more rubber than plastic and if you’re expecting snap-on parts you’ll be sorely disappointed. All the parts in the Androski kit are assembled using thin metal wires. The kit is designed this way to allow for the infinite configuration possibility.

The only gripe we have is that the instructions are in Korean. It took us some time to figure out what part goes where but once we got the knack of it, the Androski figure is pose-able in every which way we wanted it to pose. Also, there are numerous small parts and sharp pins included in the kit, so the Androski is NOT a toy. Don’t give it to your kids to play with.

There are two types of Androski kits. The self-assembled kit retails for RM35.00 while the pre-assembled kit is RM50.00. Both prices exclude shipping and handling costs. These kits are the genuine article, imported directly from Korea and available only from The Taken Shop. For more info on the Android Androski Figure Avatar Self-Assemble Kit, head on over to

Head on over to after the jump for a hands-on video of the Android Androski Figure Avatar Self-Assemble Kit plus some pictures we took while playing with the both kits.

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Android fans, get your Android fix at The Taken Shop

Whether you’re an Apple fanboy or have no inclination towards any mobile OS whatsoever, you have to admit that the little green Android is a cute little fella.

And when it comes to cute little fellas, limited edition collectibles that take a likeness of the little green robot are downright irresistible to some people. Heck, these collectibles are irresistible to most people.

So if you’re an Android fan or just have the propensity to collect collectibles, then The Taken Shop is the place to go to get your fix. Being satisfied customers before, we’re pretty surprised that the founders of The Taken Shop approached us to feature them on We gladly obliged.

Service at The Taken Shop is top-notch, delivery is fast and even the packaging is solid. You’ll be sure that your Android won’t get damaged during transit. All the Android figurines sold at Taken Shop are the real deal originals and you’d be hard-pressed to get them anywhere else. It fact, if you’ve been to any Android device product showcase before, the many Android figurines that you see most probably came from The Taken Shop.

Best of all, The Taken Shop is local so you save a huge bundle on shipping and handling costs. Also, they regularly update their Android collectible range so do head on over to to check out the latest Android collectibles.