Android 9

Android Pie (Go edition) frees up even more storage for your entry-level smartphone

If you own an entry-level device on Android Go, you will definitely be hyped about Google’s latest update to its “light” version of its mobile OS, dubbed Android Pie (Go Edition).

Key improvements in this the latest version of Android Go includes giving you more storage out of the box, faster boot times, security features like verified boot and a data usage tracker dashboard. These upgrades should allow entry-level smartphones to operate with even better performance.

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Android P officially has a name: Say hello to Pie

Meet Android Pie. That’s right, the latest version of Google‘s mobile operating system, Android P, will be officially called Android Pie.

Since the official term used to describe the release of each system update is usually a “sweet treat” in an alphabetical order, it is a little weird that Google chose the name Pie…instead of something like Popsicle. Or peanut butter. 

Nevertheless, with the latest version of its mobile operating system,  Google has made a whole lot of changes to the Android platform. Here’s a glimpse at some of the most significant changes made by Google.

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