Here’s how you can buy the LG G7 ThinQ in Malaysia

There are plenty of flagship smartphones to choose from and for those who want to stand out, the LG G7 ThinQ is an interesting option. The only problem is that it’s as elusive as a unicorn in Malaysia.

For the past couple of years, LG Mobile doesn’t seem to be interested in selling their smartphones in our competitive market. The last “official” set they introduced here was the LG V30+ and it arrived about 7 months late.

If you’re still interested in the G7 ThinQ, retailer DirectD is now offering import sets with stocks now available.

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ZenFone 5 & 5z are probably how Asus would make the iPhone X

Asus kicked off its year with a big party at Mobile World Congress 2018 announcing three new phones, the ZenFone Lite, the ZenFone 5 and the flagship ZenFone 5Z. We’ll talk about the ZenFone Lite in a later post, for now I want to concentrate on the two more interesting models – the ZenFone 5 and ZenFone 5z.

The ZenFone 5 is the most intelligent smartphone Asus has ever made, or so they claim. The device was introduced with a range of what Asus claim is AI technology enhancing seven key performance aspects of the device – AI Display, AI Camera, AI Ringtone, AI Gallery, AI Charging, AI Boost, AI Photo Learning.

Before we go into details on the what these AI enhancements do, let’s talk about the specs of the ZenFone 5.

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Samsung rewards you for talking to your phone

Bixby is Samsung’s very own virtual assistant which was introduced together with the Galaxy S8/S8+ and it’s also available on the Galaxy Note8. Not only you can command your phone using your voice, you can use it to set customised actions such as running multiple apps or tasks at a single command.

It also gets smarter the more you use it. If it doesn’t get it right the first time, you can teach it so that it will know how to respond the next time you issue the same command.

To encourage more people to use Bixby, Samsung is running a Bixby Level Up campaign where you can get rewarded with Samsung Reward points.

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Samsung takes on Apple’s Face ID with its latest Exynos 9810 chip

Exynos 9810

After a brief appearance, Samsung has officially announced its latest Exynos 9810 chip that will power its upcoming flagships, the Galaxy S9/S9+. This will be based on Samsung’s second generation 10nm FinFET process which provides better performance with its 3rd generation custom CPU and has support for even faster gigabit LTE connectivity. The new Exynos chip also boasts advanced 3D facial recognition capabilities with a hint of AI.

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Soon you’ll know when random strangers are staring at your phone screen

Isn’t it really annoying when you’re on your smartphone in a public space and out of the corner of your eye (or when your spidey senses start tingling) you notice someone looking at your smartphone’s screen. You make eye contact with them and they immediately avert their gaze in guilt.

How long have they been looking? What have they seen? Did they manage to take a look at that awful selfie you took yesterday before you deleted it from your gallery? Suddenly, you’re super self-conscious.

The good news is that that may not be a problem for much longer because a group of Google researchers have found the solution.

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