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Xiaomi could be buying GoPro

When you think action cameras, you think GoPro. It’s like Jacuzzi or Tupperware or Maggi. It’s a brand that has become so synonymous with what they make that they’ve become it. But, despite its global brand recognition, the action camera maker is in dire straits. Things are so bad, in fact, that they could be looking at a sale to Xiaomi.

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This is the drone that you’re looking for


Stop looking silly and throw away that ridiculous monopod. Get this instead.

Hexo+ camera is not your ordinary action cam, it can fly and not only that it’s an autonomous drone too. That means it automatically follows and records you while you’re doing your thing by tracking your phone

You can set the distance at which you want the drone to follow you and the device has a top speed of of 70km/h so it’s plenty fast for the most of us but you’re not going to be able to use it for long as . If you want one you can’t buy it just yet but you can support the project via Kickstarter.

The inventors of the Hexo+ camera need US$50,000 to get it off the air and you’ll need to pledge at least $499 for just the drone or US$699 will get you the drone plus a camera — both setup includes a stabilising gimbal as well. They targets to have the first batch shipped to backers by May 2015. At the time of writing this the project has 432 backers who’ve pledged over 4 times the US$50k target!

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