Take home a Free Smartphone with Celcom FIRST Basic 38 plan


This post is brought to you by Celcom. Carry Forward Unused Internet, exclusively with FIRST

So you need to get a data plan, but you don’t have a swanky new smartphone to go with it? Celcom has made it possible to not just get what you need but will bundle together a phone too!

Just add an extra RM 10 to your FIRST Basic 38 plan and you get all the benefits plus the choice of either a Samsung Galaxy V for free or a Sony Xperia E4G from RM 158.

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3 Ways Chromecast will change the way you use your phone


This post is brought to you by Maxis – Experience the Difference.

Your smartphone is more than just a communication device, it’s the gateway to a whole bunch of entertainment all for your personal consumption. There’s a catch however, as great as your smartphone is for entertainment on-the-go, it still can’t beat watching all those videos on a big flat screen TV.

That’s about to change though as now there’s a way for you to put all that entertainment that you have on your smartphone, onto that sweet large flatscreen TV you have at home. How? It’s all thanks to the Google Chromecast, offered exclusively by Maxis.

So what is the Chromecast? It’s a small dongle that attaches itself to a TV via the HDMI port. What it can do is allow you to cast your favourite entertainment from your devices straight to your TV. It’s really simple to setup as well. Just plug it into your TV, make sure it’s powered via power outlet or the TV’s USB port, set it up through the Chromecast app on your smartphone and you’re ready to cast.

Now this simple gadget may not look like much but hidden in this little gem is a way to use your smartphone in a whole new way. So how will it do that? Here’s just a few examples

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Need internet that’s fast and cheap? Then this plan is just for you.


This post is brought to you by Celcom. Carry Forward Unused Internet, exclusively with FIRST

Everyone should have a fast, reliable and most importantly, affordable internet.

Celcom’s FIRST Basic 38 plan is literally the only place you can get all three all at once with added benefits to suit your surfing needs at only RM 38/month! There’s no contract or commitments. Just register for a SIM and you’re good to go.

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XPAX brings you the best prepaid pack in town!

This post is brought to you by XPAX, Go #nonstopInternet! Go life!

Can’t get enough of YouTube or maybe your crippling need to post pictures on Instagram and Facebook is eating all your data? Well, we have a treat in store for you that will let you surf till you drop!

XPAX has recently launched their new Internet plans, now with #nonstopInternet that come with a great bunch of added bonuses on top of great value on calls as well as Internet all the time, anytime you want it.

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Are you ready for a fresh new mobile telco that has set its mind to reimagine the space?

This post is brought to you by P1, Built for More

If there’s one operator that’s got a point to prove, it’s P1. And if P1 has only one point to make, loud and clear to you, it would be this – the challenger operator is making a comeback. Network performance, customer service quality and trust issues are just some of the many things that need fixing at P1, and the two foremost executives in the company – Kelvin Lee and Azizi A. Hadi – know exactly what to do to turn P1 around.

Kelvin Lee is no stranger to P1, having been part of the Green Packet family for a good ten years. In 2011, Kelvin was asked by CC Puan, the CEO of P1, to join P1 in the role of Chief Commercial Officer to manage the sales and customer services of P1’s products and services. A veteran in Green Packet and P1, Kelvin has been through it all. And yet, the upbeat, approachable techie, is more energetic than ever, ready to transform P1 to become one of the country’s most innovative mobile operator.

His optimism and energy is understandable, Kelvin has an experienced point man watching his guard. Azizi in his role as P1’s COO, is a new joiner but is no stranger to the telco industry given his wealth of experience in TM for the past eight years covering various roles from oversight of migrating from a digital to fully IP network, the HSBB (high speed broadband) rollouts to the SME business segment management.

Kelvin and Azizi believe that P1, with full support from, Telekom Malaysia and SK Telecom, two giants from the telecommunications world – both with considerable investments in P1 – and a team of experts that’s now more pumped up than ever, is now in the best position to shake up the telecommunications space in Malaysia with the promise of being country’s first ever fully converged telecommunications provider.

But what does this mean to you? Are you ready for a fully converged telecommunications provider?

Watch as Kelvin and Azizi explain why 2015 is going to be the year for P1 and you.

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#digiLetsInspire: The internet company that wants to be more than just an Internet company

This post is inspired by Digi. Internet for Inspiration. #digiLetsInspire

The internet has become so intertwined in the fabric of our lives that we forget it even exists. Mobile connectivity is so ubiquitous that we don’t care who provides the connection, as long as we’re connected and the connection is fast and stable, we’re happy.

It’s ironic then that telcos, the people that connect people to the internet, can’t seem to connect with their own customers.
Why is that?

One possible reason is the ubiquity of the internet itself. Customers don’t care about telco brands, they care about fast and stable connectivity that’s cheap and with a lot of data.

But Digi wants to be more than just an internet company.

It may sound like fluff but the brand that has brought a lot of fun and new things to the industry feels that it has so much more to give to its customers, and that its purpose of existence is so much more than just making money.

It wants to inspire.

“Our role at Digi is to help spread this inspiration, infecting the world with fun and excitement, one person at a time.”

So what does this mean to you?

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These Amazing Photos Were Taken Using Only the Galaxy Note 4

This post is paid for by Samsung Mobile Malaysia and the Galaxy Note 4. Do you Note?

On paper, the Galaxy Note 4 has a 16MP rear camera with a fast f/2.4 lens, optical image stabiliser and one of the fastest auto focus systems in the industry.

But what does that mean to you? Is the camera on the Galaxy Note 4 any good?

To find out, we gave the Galaxy Note 4 to a professional photographer and told him to take the best pictures he possibly can with the device without using third-party apps and without the benefit of post-editing using a desktop computer.

The photographer took the challenge and the results are pretty darn amazing.

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