Ad-nalysis: P1 – Resistance is Futile

This caught our eye in the Star over the weekend.


And we have to say, it’s quite a cheeky ad. Nice clear layout, attention grabbing headline, tells you just enough to entice you but not a lot to make the layout messy. We like!

Although the comparison with dial-up is a bit old hack. We’re not even sure if the younger broadband users out there have even experienced dial-up before. Besides comparing broadband with dial-up is like comparing a Ferrari with a Proton.

P1 marketing people, if you’re paying attention, read this:

  1. We like the ad, like the layout and the copy. Looks good.
  2. We don’t like the comparison with dial-up as we think it’s irrelevant.
  3. Looking forward to seeing P1 set the bar in terms of cheeky ads for broadband, just like how DiGi is setting the bar for telco.

On a side note, notice the Intel logos at the left bottom corner of the ad? We think P1 will be coming up with a laptop bundling plan in the next few months. This is coinciding with Intel releasing its new chips and boards with built-in WiMAX.

Once we have the word, we’ll keep you posted!

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Green Packet Aiming High for 2009

GreenPacket Logo

The Star reports Green Packet is looking to make good progress this year with more jobs and a bigger WiMAX subscriber base in the midst.

To start of the year Green Packet announce a HKD3million deal with Hong Kong’s PCCW Group to provide customised product solutions. Although this is a relatively small amount for the industry, Green Packet sees the deal as a giant leap forward towards making inroads into Hong Kong.

Green Packet group managing director Puan Chan Cheong expects the company to clinch more contracts in the first quarter of this year. He is also confident over the growth of subscriber base for its WiMAX solutions.

“Our 5-year plan is going as scheduled. We got out there, set up our base stations and provided the WiMAX service. We kept our promise and the results will start to show,” says Puan.

He says that in five years, the service provider division, (which houses its WiMAX business, handled by subsidiary Packet One Networks (M) Sdn Bhd) will account for two-thirds of group revenue while about a third will come from its bread-and-butter solutions division.

Green Packet presently has more than 10,000 WiMAX subscribers. Puan is confident of clinching 200,000 subscribers by year-end.

As it stands, Green Packet provides WiMAX in over 200 sites throughout the Klang Valley, Johor Bahru, Alor Setar and Penang. By June 2009, Puan expects Green Packet to be on track to provide WiMAX to 30% of Peninsular Malaysia or a total of 600 sites, not too far from its target of 800 sites by year-end.


Celcom Wants to Commercialise Winning Software

The Star reports Celcom is looking to help winners for its League of Extraordinary Developers Challenge contest to commercialise their applications.

Launched in September, LEDC is a contest that gives aspiring software application developers an opportunity to develop innovative mobile solutions that merge with traditional telecommunications offerings such as short messaging service (SMS), multimedia messaging service (MMS) and location-based services with Web2.0 applications.

Chief executive officer Datuk Seri Mohammed Shazalli Ramly says LEDC acts as catalyst to incubate and nurture Malaysian mobile application developers, while providing them with a business opportunity to commercialise their software under a practical business model in collaboration with Celcom, Microsoft (M) Sdn Bhd and Cradle Fund Sdn Bhd.


DiGi Reports Lower Q4 Earnings

DiGi reports its earnings for Q4 has taken a toll due to higher traffic cost coupled with lower average revenue per user (ARPU).

Net profit slipped to RM282.2mil in the fourth quarter ended Dec 31 against RM293mil a year ago.

In filing with Bursa Malaysia yesterday, DiGi said its ARPU came in marginally lower at RM58 per month due to lower average price per minute.

For the full financial year, its revenue expanded 10% to RM4.8bil, driven by steady demand for mobile services and an increase in subscriber base, reaching 7.1 million as at end-2008.

Net profit rose 7.4% to RM1.14bil. However, the group’s (earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation) margin was lower at 45.1% compared with 48.4% in FY07 because of competitive price pressure, higher traffic, network operating costs and higher sales and marketing expenses.

Going forward, DiGi opines that the telecommunications industry will continue to offer good growth prospect in the long term and be resilient to a slowdown in the local economy.

For FY09, the group aims to achieve an operating cashflow similar to or better than FY08.


U Mobile’s Talk All Day, All Night Promo


U Mobile’s running a limited time promo from 1 February to 31 March 2009.

The Talk All Day, All Night promo offers up to 60min of free calls per day from the hours of 7am to 7pm daily and SMS cost 1sen in this period. Calls made after that (during 7pm to 7am) gets a 50% discount and cost 0.4sen/sec (normal price 0.8sen/sec). SMS cost 4sen.

After the 60min are up, calls are charged 0.8sen/sec. For calls to other networks, it appears there’s no change in the rates.

Free calls only apply for calls made within the U Mobile network.

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U Mobile’s Mobile LiveTV is No More


U Mobile’s claim to fame product has apparently been scrapped.

Reports from sources close to us have revealed that the 3G operator’s Mobile LiveTV is no longer available.

Mobile LiveTV is U Mobile’s brand of live TV content distributed via DVB-H technology. What is DVB-H? Simply put, it’s like Astro (which uses DVB broadcast standard) but is developed for applications in mobile devices.

Unlike streaming TV where the TV content is downloaded and is not broadcast live. DVB-H delivers TV content to your phone live in real time. Of course, you’ll need a DVB-H device (like the crappy Nokia N77 or the awesomely overpriced Nokia N96).

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Malaysians: We like sending SMSes don’t we?

Speaking about SMSes, Bernama reports Malaysia as the 3rd highest country generating SMS traffic in Asia Pacific based on the recent Christmas and New Year periods.

During this period, we sent over 1billion SMSes.

If we average the SMS cost at RM0.05/SMS, Celcom/Maxis/DiGi/U Mobile have collectively made RM50million from SMS revenue alone!

That’s around RM10million per operator within a week. Imagine how much these people make in SMS revenue in a year.

Philippines ranked number one with a whopping 2.36billion SMSes sent during the same period. Indonesia is second with 1.193billion SMSes sent.

So now you know.


SMS Scam Alert: Shell RM2.4mil Giveaway

We received this SMS today.

The SMS reads:

From: +60128696996
From SHELL Tahniah!Anda tlhMe”nangi Kontes SHELL
2,3 Million. Sila Hub Talian: 0128233122Terima
Kasih. Penghantar: Shell.

Just from the formatting and the way the message read we know that this is a scam. But we also know that there is a contest currently running organised by Shell and Bonuslink

So to be doubly sure we wrote an email to Shell and this is what they have to say (produced in verbatim, of course).

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New Corp Affairs Head at DiGi

And now for some humdrum corporate news.

From The Edge Daily:

FORMER Standard Chartered Bank Malaysia Bhd head of corporate affairs Zaiton Idrus has joined DiGi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd as head of its corporate affairs division.

Zaiton replaces Tunku Alizakri Raja Muhamad Alias. A DiGi statement issued on Feb 2 said Tunku Alizakri left to pursue other interests after four years in DiGi.

Zaiton, who started work early this year will be overseeing corporate communications, corporate relations, corporate responsiblity, legal and regulatory, and will be responsible for strategic planning.

Before returning to Malaysia in late 2007, Zaiton was Standard Chartered regional head for corporate affairs, Africa, the first Asian to hold the post. Based in London, she oversaw the bank’s corporate affairs in 13 countries across Africa.

On paper, it looks like Zaiton is up for the job. We at would like to welcome her to the telco indsutry.

To Pn. Zaiton: do keep us in you mailing list for future updates on DiGi. Thank you.


New Plans from P1

P1 CEO Michael Lai mentioned last week that new plans were on the way from P1 and here it is.

Technically the “new” plans are just revised pricing from the old plans. Not much difference from the earlier plans but the revised pricing means some packages have gone up in price and some down but generally cost of ownership is now more for shorter subscription contract.
new P1 W1MAX plans

Here are the details:
At a glance

  • UPDATE-090204: P1 updated the new plans table. P1 Office Standard plan now comes with 500kbps upload. Previously was a pathetic 150kbps. For an additional RM60 home users can enjoy unlimited data. Those who can afford it, this is not bad.
  • P1 modem is no longer free – 12 month contract subscribers will have to pay RM199 for the modem (original price RM999). For 24 months contract the P1 modem is still free
  • Looks like you still pay nothing upfront
  • The fastest home user plan – P1 Pro – comes with with increased data usage. 40GB/month (previously only 20GB)
  • Office plans now come with unlimited data usage

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iPhone 3G not suitable for Malaysian market?

We at are counting the days for one of the big telcos to make the announcement – Celcom/DiGi/Maxis/U Mobile Introduces the iPhone 3G. But so far no such word has been forthcoming. Maxis looked like the most promising candidate but that was all based on a lot of fluff.

And as with all fluffs, it doesn’t really hold much weight.

Try as we might we can’t seem to dig up any dirt on the device coming to Malaysia. Perhaps it’s because there’s nothing to dig up but we’re keeping our fingers crossed.

Anyways one guy seems to think that the iPhone 3G is not suitable for Malaysian market.

He argues that iP3G’s built-in camera is nothing to shout about, there’s no MMS support, you can’t make video calls and you’d have to subscribe to an unlimited data service to use the phone to the fullest.

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