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Ismail Sabri: Individuals summoned for crossing “police districts” can appeal against compound notices

Those who received compound notices for allegedly crossing “police districts” during the movement control order (MCO) can now appeal to the Ministry of Health (MOH) for their summonses to be totally withdrawn.

Senior Minister (Security Cluster) Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob clarified today the inter-district travel violation compounds should only follow the country’s “administrative district” and not the police districts following public uproar.

“There has been some confusion. When we say the movement within a district is allowed, we mean, it should follow the country’s administrative district information. We’ve never said it follows the police district areas but administration under district officials.

“We’ve been very clear on that and it has always been like this. We don’t follow the chief police of certain districts or police areas,” he said in his daily press briefing.

Ismail said this confusion was highlighted at the National Security Council (NSC) meeting following numerous complaints for the public.

“This has been rectified and I’ve informed the police to follow this way…under administrative district officials.

“Those who got compounded in such a situation, can appeal with MOH. You can also appeal the maximum RM1,000 compound to be lowered. It will be up to the prerogative of the officer in-charge at MOH,” he added.

Meanwhile, on a separate matter, Ismail Sabri said the NSC will have a discussion with the Ministry of Education (MOE) pertaining to providing special letters for students who live in different districts as opposed to their school locations. 

“We will discuss with the MOE to issue special letters when schools reopen soon,” he said. ― Malay Mail

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