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Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra boasts up to 16% better power efficiency with new low-power OLED panel

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Samsung Display, which is one of the world’s largest OLED producers have just announced a new low-power OLED display which boasts better luminous efficiency for next generation devices. The new display has made its debut on the latest Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra.

According to Samsung, the new low-power OLED display offers greater power efficiency compared to their previous generation panels and it can reduce power consumption up to 16%. The new OLED panel uses a novel organic material which boasts a sharp increase in luminous efficiency by having electrons flow faster and more easily across the display’s organic layers.

As a result, the Galaxy S21 Ultra can offer brighter light while consuming less power. This would help improve battery life for 5G smartphone users that spend more time watching videos. The display is one of the main components that draw the most power and this improved efficiency could significantly impact a smartphone’s usage time. The usage of the new panel should translate to longer screen-on-time for Galaxy S21 Ultra users.

The display division added that they have been channeling most of its technological resources into securing “super-gap” competitiveness in the composition of more efficient organic display materials. They have collaborated closely with a number of global material companies and widen its talent pool in the field over the past decade.

It’s also worth pointing out that the Galaxy S21 Ultra is the only device in their lineup to offer a high 120Hz refresh rate at the maximum Quad HD+ resolution. As a comparison, Galaxy S20 series users would have to pick between 120Hz refresh rate on Full HD+ resolution or Quad HD+ resolution that runs on a lower 60Hz refresh rate.

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