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National Security Council views Anonymous Malaysia’s threat seriously, govt agencies on high alert

The National Security Council (NSC) and the Prime Minister Department through the National Cyber Security Agency (NACSA) is taking the threat by Anonymous Malaysia seriously after a video was uploaded on the group’s Facebook page yesterday evening.

Following the threat made by the hacktivist group, NACSA has issued a warning to all government agencies to take necessary measures to prevent and minimise the impact of a possible cyberattack. NACSA and NSC are working closely with the Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) to coordinate the next course of action.

The NSC said that the Malaysian government has prioritised the security of the government’s information technology infrastructure with stringent guidelines to strengthen its IT systems. This includes improving the IT knowledge and skills of officers at government sectors as outlined under the Malaysia Cyber Security Strategy (MCSS).

The government has allocated RM1.8 billion for the MCSS 2020-2024 to improve Malaysia’s national cyber security preparedness. During the last Budget 2021 tabling, RM27 million has been allocated for the effort.

Anonymous Malaysia, a group of hacktivists had posted a 2:29-minute video yesterday to serve as a “wake-up call for the government of Malaysia”. It accused the government of keeping silent over the many data breaches in the country including the sale of personal information of citizens. It also added that telco data hacks have exposed personal details of over 46 million mobile user accounts which are being misused for scams.

It was reported that the group first sprung into action in 2011 when it took down 91 government sites after the government had blocked access to several websites including The Pirate Bay. The same group had also previously threatened a cyberattack to coincide with Bersih 2.0 rally, but the election watchdog group denied any association with the group.

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