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You can now order the AirPods Max in Malaysia but there’s a long wait

The new AirPods Max is now available in Malaysia on the official online store. These are Apple’s new over-ear headphones that offer up to 20 hours of music playback with active noise cancellation enabled.

The AirPods Max official retails for RM2,399 in Malaysia and it comes in 5 different colours. At the time of writing, the Space Grey and Silver options are listed with an estimated shipping time of 7-8 weeks, while the other colourful options can take up to 10 weeks to ship.

At the time of writing, we haven’t seen any local authorised resellers having the AirPods Max in stock. If you want to personalise your AirPods Max with engraving, Apple can also do it for you at no extra cost on the online store.

The Max is the largest member of Apple’s AirPods lineup and it comes with a breathable knit mesh canopy for its headband and two cups that contain 40mm dynamic drivers. Similar to the AirPods Pro, it uses an H1 chip and it supports Spatial audio with dynamic head tracking.

The Max also features an Apple Watch-inspired digital crown which allows you to make precise controls for your volume. The same crown can be used to control your music playback, voice calls and to activate Siri.

The over-ear headphones charge via a lightning port and if you prefer to use it corded, you can hook it up to a lightning to 3.5mm adapter which is sold separately. Also included is a Smart Case which allows the AirPods Max to go into an ultra-low-power state to save on battery.

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If you don’t like the way the smart case looks, turns out it isn’t really necessary to save on power. If you leave your headphones unused, it will go into battery saving mode in a couple of minutes and it goes into a lower power saving mode which turns off Bluetooth and “Find my” feature after 72 hours.

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