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Celcom upgrades XP Lite postpaid with free unlimited Facebook and Instagram

After upgrading its Mega Unlimited postpaid plans a few months back, Celcom is now upgrading its Xpax Lite postpaid plans with more free unlimited data usage. If you subscribe to the XP Lite postpaid plans with the M or L pass, you’ll now get free unlimited data for Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and WeChat on top of its existing unlimited YouTube.

The base XP Lite Postpaid plan retains the same subscription fee of RM28/month which comes with 1GB of data and unlimited calls to all networks. With the M Pass (RM10/month extra), you’ll get extra 7GB of high-speed data and the L Pass (RM30/month extra) gives you extra 15GB of high-speed data.

For the unlimited usage, there’s a speed cap depending on which pass you subscribe. The M Pass allows you to stream YouTube video at SD quality (480p) while the unlimited apps (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and WeChat) are limited to 3Mbps. Meanwhile, the L Pass lets you stream YouTube at HD quality (720p) and the unlimited apps are capped at a higher 6Mbps.

As an added bonus for staying on with Celcom, you can redeem 1-hour Ultra Hour Pass daily from the 7th month onwards. The Ultra Hour Pass provides unlimited internet and it’s usually offered for RM1 for 1 hour, RM2 for 3 hours, RM5 for 12 hours and RM8 for 24 hours.

According to Celcom, the free unlimited offering is not applicable for hotspot or tethering usage. This means you can only enjoy unlimited data for the selected apps only on your mobile device and any hotspot usage will deduct from your high-speed quota.

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To learn more, you can check out the XP Lite postpaid page and refer to their FAQ.

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