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Google pays tribute to Saloma with a Doodle, a playlist, and a quiz on Twitter

Google Malaysia pays tribute to Singaporean-Malaysian icon Saloma with a Doodle. The tribute was done to celebrate her making history when she was awarded Malaysia’s first “Biduanita Negara” (National Songbird) by the Malaysian government in 1978.

Source: Galaksiviral

Saloma, born Salmah Ismail, was trend-setter of Malaysian entertainment from the late 50s through the early 80s. She recorded over 500 songs, and through her film work she paved the way for future generations of female actors in Malaysia.

In 1961, she married fellow multi-hyphenate entertainment icon P. Ramlee. He was also previously celebrated with a Google Doodle in 2017. In Saloma’s own Doodle, Google accurately included her signature coiffed hairdo and inimitable clothing (much of which she sewed herself).

Besides the Doodle, Google created a playlist of her most memorable songs on YouTube. It includes the iconic “Bila Larut Malam”—which appeared in the movie “Labu dan Labi”, and “Selamat Hari Raya”—a classic Malaysian Eid Al Fitr tune.

Google Malaysia will also be carrying out a Saloma-themed trivia quiz on their official Twitter page today. You can stand a chance to win limited-edition Saloma Doodle t-shirts, so do follow them on Twitter for updates if you’d like to participate.

“Thank you, Saloma, for using your artistic gifts to inspire all those who have come to know and love your work,” wrote Google Malaysia.

In early August, Google used their Doodles to promote COVID-19 prevention. However, it didn’t appear for users in Malaysia, Singapore and several other countries.


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