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Apple hires TikTok creators to make ads for the iPhone 12 mini

Ads promoting the new Apple iPhone series has been all over my TikTok lately. But Apple has another trick up its sleeve when it comes to the popular social media platform—getting popular creators to star in their iPhone 12 mini ads.

Four TikTok users (so far) were hired by Apple to create promotional videos that focus on iPhone 12 mini. But they’re not just regular TikTok creators, they’re some of the most inventive ones—each with at least more than 800,000 followers on the platform.

Back in April, Apple’s verified account was noticed on the short-form video app with no content and just 1,312 followers. Now, roughly seven months later, they have 378,700 followers—and four videos with the number of views with at least 374,000 views.

Their most popular one was created by popular creator Zach King—a sort of illusionist for video content with 52.9 million followers on TikTok. His video for Apple shows King working in the shipping department of a company, but is able to press down on an item with his finger to shrink them down. He shrinks a piano to a smaller piano, a fridge to a smaller fridge, a box to a smaller box, and lastly an iPhone 12 Pro into an iPhone 12 mini.


@zachking can #makeitmini with a tap. Can you? #iPhone12mini

♬ Woo – Wande

The other TikTok creators—including Kevin Parry, Julian Bass, and Jessica Wang—basically made the same type of content. However, they all did it in their own style.

If you’re looking for other TikTok content to follow, try giving the Institute of Human Anatomy a go. The account offers bite-sized scientific explanations on anything and everything to do with the human body.

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