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Game streamer Ninja has a hoodie which lets you wear headphones over the hood “without changing sound quality”

Okay, so I’m not with the times. I haven’t watched any streams by Ninja, but I understand that he has a massive following of 16.3 million on Twitch. I’d also appreciate if any one of you reading could explain to me in the comments on why wearing a hoodie while gaming is absolutely necessary—because it looks like there is a demand for it.

Ninja announced his next piece of branded gear—a “gamer” hoodie with a patent-pending design that lets you wear a headset over the hood. According to Ninja, this allows you to play games or listen to music without changing the sound quality. It will be on sale on 26 November, 4am (Malaysian time).

The hoodie works by featuring a “polymesh” ear hole on each side of the hood. This lets sound from your headphones pass through instead of getting muffled by a thick material of a sweatshirt hood.

Source: The Verge

One of these hoodies will cost you USD 60 (RM245.28)—which is USD 10 (RM40.88) more than the other Ninja hoodies available in his merch store. They also come in black, red, pink, and grey.

Source: The Verge

You probably won’t need to spend RM245.28 if you put down your hood and just wear your headphones over your ears, but what do I know? I haven’t tried gaming with a hoodie on so it might actually be more comfortable, and I might even cop one in a couple of years.

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While the hoodie is “patent pending”, Ninja isn’t the first to come up with a gamer hoodie. However, these ones by Champion lets you wear headphones under an oversized hood, rather than over it.

In 2019, Ninja left Twitch to stream exclusively on Microsoft’s Mixer platform—but went back to Twitch after the shutdown of Mixer in July 2020. You can read Rory’s think piece on Mixer here.


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