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Samsung’s Galaxy Fit 2 has 21 days of battery life, and a price tag of RM179

Smartwatches are in great abundance these days, and often times, most models offer a lot of the same functionality and features—particularly towards the more affordable end of the market. The Samsung Galaxy Fit 2, at first glance, appears to be yet another affordable fitness tracker—but there’s something significant about it.

See, Samsung has announced the successor to the first Galaxy Fit at a significantly reduced price. The Galaxy Fit was first launched at a retail price of RM369—although you had the more affordable option of going for the monochromatic, non-touch screen display of the Galaxy Fit-e.

Now, the Galaxy Fit 2 comes with a price tag that should equip it to compete against other affordable fitness bands in the segment: mainly the Mi Smart Band 5 and the Honor Band 6 (although that looks more like a full-on smartwatch). Despite the reduced price, the Galaxy Fit 2 still comes with a number of upgrades.

What you need to know

First up is the larger display on the Galaxy Fit 2, with a 1.1″ full colour AMOLED display. Samsung also says that they’ve gone with a “3D” glass design, so overall, you should have a nicer display to look at in general.

Meanwhile, battery life has been improved by a huge margin—Samsung promises double the battery life at up to 21 days on a full charge. This is a really significant move from Samsung, because it makes the Galaxy Fit 2 one of the most long-lasting fitness bands on a single charge—or at least, among the affordable options. The Mi Smart Band 5 and the Honor Band 6, for some comparison, have 14 days of rated battery life.

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However, you should note that you’ll only get 21 days on a single charge if your heart rate tracking and auto workout feature are turned off, and you don’t wear the Galaxy Fit 2 while sleeping. For normal usage, you should expect something close to 15 days on a single charge—which is still a really solid number.

Other features are more-or-less standard. The Galaxy Fit 2 will measure metrics like calories burned, distance travelled, steps, and of course, heart rate monitoring throughout the day. Meanwhile, 5ATM water resistance means that you’ll be able to use the fitness band while swimming—depths of up to 50m supported.

The watch will also work in tandem with the Samsung Health app on your smartphone to provide in-depth sleep analysis, and even help you monitor stress levels. Something that you’ll be missing is an SpO2 sensor, although this is usually a feature reserved for more expensive wearables.

Price and availability

The Galaxy Fit 2 is now available at authorised retailers for an RRP of RM179, with Scarlet and Black colour options to choose from. Meanwhile, Samsung and Biib are running the “Race of the Stars” until the 23rd of December 2020, a virtual run that will give you a chance to win the latest wearable (and other Samsung devices).

To find out more about the virtual run, click here. Meanwhile, click here for the Galaxy Fit 2 product page.

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