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It’s official: Dance Monkey is the most Shazamed song in history

You hear a song on the radio in the car (or in the supermarket), and you love it. You have to have it on repeat, in your Spotify/Apple Music playlist, and this might be the greatest song you’ve ever heard. How do you find out what song it is? You Shazam it, of course.

That process is repeated millions (or billions) of times around the world everyday, as users use services like Shazam or Google to identify music that they love. But what is the most Shazam-ed song of all time?

Well, it goes a little like this:

According to Billboard, Tones and I’s “Dance Monkey” has been Shazamed 36.6 million times since May 2019, placing it above “Prayer in C” and “Let Her Go”. Meanwhile, there are also songs from Hozier, Avicii, Ed Sheeran, and Gotye in the top 10 places.

Toni Watson, also known as Tones and I, started out as a busker in Australia a couple of years ago. As time went by, she was discovered by Jackson Walkden-Brown (her current manager) on the streets of Byron Bay, and in a matter of months, grew to be the global artist, now famous for her diverse genre of music.

In fact, Dance Monkey is ranks at third for the most played songs on Spotify, with an overall total of seven billion streams across all platforms. The track also spent 24 weeks at number 1 on the ARIA Singles Chart, while consecutively topping the Official U.K. Singles Chart for 11 weeks.

So, what’s the secret behind the success? No one knows for sure, but with regards to Shazam, Dance Monkey was the first single from Tones and I—and one that was clearly released to great popularity. Logically, this meant that the song was played by radio stations a lot, which meant that users used apps like Shazam to identify the song.

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And I can testify to that, having Shazamed the track when I first heard it (sometime in late 2019).