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How to remove ads on MIUI 12 for Xiaomi phones

We all know that Xiaomi smartphones all come with one irritating “feature”—built in ads. These pop up at inconvenient times on most of Xiaomi’s native apps, and you even come across these “recommendations” on your home screen, or system pages. The new MIUI 12 OS update is now available for select Xiaomi/Redmi phones, so be sure to update if your device is supported.

Today’s episode of How-To-What-Is is a tutorial on how to remove ads on MIUI 12 on Xiaomi smartphones!

As we discussed in the video, the key word to look out for is “recommendations”. Contrary to popular belief, the ads can be turned off to some extent on Xiaomi phones, although these settings are usually buried within “advanced” sections of the app, or even within permissions on your phone.

There are a couple of reports online that claim that MIUI 12 ads can be turned off with a single switch, although we cannot verify this at this moment in time. Perhaps this is due to region differences, but this method did not work on our MIUI 12 devices (global sets, Malaysia).

To be safe, follow the steps in the tutorial above, and when you set up a new (or factory reset) Xiaomi smartphone running MIUI 12, be sure to turn off any form of recommendations or personalised offers.

We’d also love to hear from you! If the video helped you remove those annoying ads on your Xiaomi smartphone, do let us know in the comments section below. Or, you can join our Facebook group, RKMD, and share your experience (or more tips) there.