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8 new features that are coming with Oppo’s ColorOS 11 update

On today’s episode, Ray and I take a look at ColorOS 11—the upcoming Android 11-based software update that is coming to supported Oppo smartphones soon.

Oppo has included a bunch of new customisation options onto ColorOS, along with Android 11’s fresh features—including Nearby Share, Google’s answer to AirDrop. If you own an Oppo smartphone and you want to know what the future holds—here are eight new features that are coming with ColorOS 11.

If you want to jump ahead, these are the features that Ray and I discussed:

  1. User interface customisations – 0:42
  2. Create your Always-On display – 1:08
  3. Customisable Dark Mode – 1:36
  4. 3-Finger Translate – 2:16
  5. ASMR – 2:40
  6. FlexDrop multitasking – 3:27
  7. Gamer Mode – 3:46
  8. Nearby Share – 4:16

A couple of things to note. The new UI customisation options are probably some of the most flexible that we’ve seen on a smartphone in recent times, and you should be able to come up with some wacky home screens if you’re creative. Share some of your designs with us on our RKMD group on Facebook!

Meanwhile, more cities will be available in the Oppo Relax ASMR app, so you’ll be able to “travel” to places beyond Shenzhen, Beijing, Reykjavik, Bangkok, and so on. Nearby Share works with compatible Android 11 smartphones, although we’ve noticed that several brands—such as OnePlus and Samsung—have already included the new feature on their latest Android 10-based versions.

So, what do you think? Let us know if this whets your appetite for ColorOS 11 on your Oppo smartphone.