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Realme: This is the world’s first SLED 4K Smart TV

When it comes to Smart TVs of recent times, many manufacturers (such as Samsung) have gone with QLED panels in recent times, with OLED the standard prior to that. However, Realme have just unveiled what they’re calling the “world’s first SLED 4K Smart TV”, which utilises display technology that Realme believes is superior to QLED.

The product isn’t actually going to be commercially available, or at least, not yet. Instead, Realme shared a couple of pointers about the potential of SLED panels, along with several improvements that the technology has over QLED.

What is an SLED display?

SLED Display Technology was co-developed by Realme and John Rooymans, Chief Scientist of SPD Technology, and the main innovation here has to do with the backlight. Essentially, SLED panels use red, green, and blue LEDs to create a white light, as opposed to the conventional white backlight on typical LCD panel.

Realme says that SLED displays offer a more natural viewing experience. Most QLED TVs use a blue backlight, which is then turned to white; SLED, on the other hand, utilises RGB for this first step, which supposedly reduces blue light emission while offering higher colour purity.

Realme also claims that the Realme Smart TV SLED 4K 55″ can display more colours and “cinematic visuals” compared to QLED displays, while promising “healthier eyes”. This has been verified by TUV Rheinland for low blue light certification—the only display panel to achieve this besides OLED TVs.

Additionally, the SLED TV supposedly delivers 108 percent coverage of the NTSC colour spectrum, which is an improvement over standard LEDs. In fact, Realme claims that the NTSC coverage on the new display technology is “even better than QLEDs”.

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At the moment, Realme hasn’t confirmed when—or if—the 55″ TV will be available. At the moment, this is the first time we’re hearing the technology, so a possible launch is certainly an intriguing idea. With most of the market deviating towards QLED, the jury is still out on SLED—a new alternative, or a potential flop? Let us know in the comments section below.

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