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Report: Apple Watch Series 6 owners not happy with return policy

When the Apple Watch Series 6 was launched, the company also released a pair of new wristband options: the Solo Loop annd the Braided Solo loop. Essentially, the bands are supposed to offer a comfortable fit—without any clasps or buckles.

The bands aren’t adjustable for size, which is why Apple has nine sizes available for choice. There’s also an official measurement guide—which you’re supposed to print in full scale to get the right fit and size for your wrist. It makes sense, with many customers choosing to order their gadgets online, as opposed to physical Apple Stores or retailers.

However, Macrumors reports that sizing has been hit-and-miss for the new watch bands and the Apple Watch Series 6 and Watch SE. What’s more, customers have also complained about Apple’s return policy in this regard: when attempting to return the band, Apple requires you to return the band and the Apple Watch, because the two are considered a set.

This led to stock issues, with users reporting wait-times until late October at least. That makes sense, with the Apple Watch Series 6 (and the Apple Watch SE) having only been announced recently. What makes less sense is the requirement for the wearable to be returned along with the band, which invariably places strain upon Apple’s supply chain.

It’s worth noting that a few users have successfully exchanged just the watch band at physical Apple Stores, although it isn’t clear if this is a matter of official policy.

The issue is worsened by the fact that users have complained over Twitter about the accuracy of the band measurement guide provided by Apple. The Braided Solo Loop appears to offer a slightly snugger fit than the Solo Loop, but regardless—perhaps the best thing you can do (if you’re planning to buy one) is to purchase your Apple Watch Series 6 or Watch SE at a physical store, where you can try it for sizing.

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For now, Apple hasn’t issued an official response to the complaints, although it did seem inevitable that a non-adjustable strap would face sizing challenges. If you ordered a Solo Loop or a Braided Solo Loop with your new Apple Watch, how has your experience been? Let us know in the comments section below.