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TM offering lower Unifi upload speeds than advertised – MCMC launches investigation

The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission has commenced investigation over consumer complaints with regards to the reduction of upload speeds for TM’s 500Mbps Unifi fibre broadband plan. As highlighted recently, TM has quietly reduced the 500Mbps plan’s upload speed by 50%.

The new 800Mbps and 500Mbps Unifi package were launched last month with 200Mbps upload speed for both plans, however, the upload speed for the 500Mbps option was changed to 100Mbps on the 2nd of September. According to TM, the 200Mbps upload speed was a “mistake” and they have updated their website, FAQ and leaflets 8 days after the plan was revealed. The change of plan offering has sparked complaints online even by customers that have subscribed before the correction was made.

The MCMC said the complaints were also reported by various news outlets as it appears that the initial offer that was published last month was misleading consumers. Based on early findings, the MCMC has found several elements that infringe the rights of consumers and the commission will not hesitate to take further action against the service provider.

Original Plan (Left) vs Revised Plan (Right)

The statement also mentioned that the Communications and Multimedia Act (CMA) 1998 that’s enforced by the MCMC strongly emphasises on the rights of customers of telecommunication services. The MCMC assures that the investigation will be done in a transparent and fair manner.

If you have an unresolved issue with your service provider, you can file a complaint to the MCMC via this portal. Consumers are advised to file a complaint to the respective telcos first. If there’s no response or the solution is not satisfactory, you can proceed to file a complaint with the MCMC.

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