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Renault Subscription celebrates one year milestone with over 1,000 subscribers in Malaysia

Renault’s car subscription service in Malaysia has just turned one this month and they were also awarded the Car Subscription Company of the Year title from Frost & Sullivan. Since its introduction last August, the subscription service that’s managed by TC Euro Cars (TCEC) has generated over 135,000 enquiries and have garnered over 1,000 customers.

74% of customers are on fixed subscription plan

At the moment, TCEC offers 3 models (Captur, Koleos and Megane RS) with a total of 7 variants to choose from. The Captur is the most popular vehicle with 82% opting for the compact SUV, followed by the Koleos at 17%. Interestingly, 10% of their customers have more than 1 subscription and 20% of their customer base are expats or foreigners that seek flexibility and affordability in car ownership.

TCEC says that its subscription service is well received among younger users as over 50% of their subscribers are aged below 40 years old. 74% of their customers are on a fixed subscription plan that comes with a 1-3 year contract and 21% are on a short term weekly or monthly tenure. Meanwhile, 5% of customers are on a switch plan which allows flexibility to swap cars.

According to TCEC, their customers have taken up the subscription service as it offers less hassle compared to securing a loan especially for foreign residents. On top of that, it is also more affordable than renting or leasing a car. It is also seen as a flexible alternative to traditional car ownership.

Renault Subscription Deals

To celebrate its 1st year milestone, TCEC continues to offer special subscription deals with savings of up to 38%. If you subscribe to a Renault Captur, they are now offering a free upgrade to the special edition Captur Trophy that’s worth up to RM7,200.

For short term use, the Renault Captur can be yours at RM399 for 7-day subscription or RM1,499 for one month. The fixed plan starts from RM1,299/month for a pre-owned Captur on 1-year contract or from RM1,299 for a brand new Captur on a 3-year contract. As a special promo. You can enjoy the first 6 months subscription at RM799/month if you sign up for a 3-year fixed plan.

If you’re looking for a more fun option, a brand new Renault Megane RS is offered from RM3,999 per month on a 3-year subscription contract. With the current promo, you would only need to pay from as low as RM2,999/month for the first 6 months.

For more info, you can visit Renault’s website.

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