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[UPDATED] Celcom users face network disruption at certain areas nationwide

[ UPDATE 25/08/2020 16:40 ]: According to Celcom, the issue has been resolved and fully recovered. Customers that are still facing issues are urged to restart their devices.


It appears that Celcom customers in certain areas may experience issues with their voice and data services. The issue had started in the past hour and some Celcom users experienced no signal or no bars on their mobile devices.

Celcom has acknowledged the issue and they tweeted that their technical team is working hard to solve the problem. The blue telco expects services to be restored by 5.00pm today.

It isn’t clear what is the cause of the problem but it appears that not everyone is facing the same issue. A couple of us at the SoyaCincau team are on Yoodo which uses Celcom’s network and the line seems to be working just fine. It appears that Tune Talk users might be affected as well as since they have also retweeted Celcom’s notice.

Are you having similar problems when making voice calls or accessing mobile data? Let us know in the comments below.

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