Tired of simple photography and filters? Shoot creative movie-like effects with OPPO Reno4 Pro’s AI Color Portrait

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People always say that it’s not about the camera, it’s about the person behind the camera. But while that may be true in many cases, there’s also nothing wrong with having a camera equipped with a bunch of smart features to help you out along the way. Something like OPPO’s brand new Reno4 Pro smartphone—a device that’s designed to help you take better photos and videos, and stand out from the crowd. Here are four ways how the Reno4 Pro can help.

Get creative with AI Colour Portrait

Creativity is at the core of any video or photo project. Sometimes, it can be a little difficult to turn your outside-of-the-box thoughts into reality if you don’t have the appropriate skillset or tools. The good news is that this is where OPPO’s Reno4 Pro comes in handy because it has a bunch of cool features built in to help you get more creative with your shots.

One of the most interesting new features is the AI Colour Portrait. This is a unique spin on the regular Portrait photos that’ll isolate your subjects from the background using colour. With this mode, when you take a portrait photo, only your subject will be colourised, while the background fades into a beautiful monochrome.

What’s more, this mode also works when you’re shooting videos so you can take your videography to the next level too. In video, you also have the option of highlighting selected colours like Blue, Red and Green using Monochrome Video.

To enable this for photos, all you need to do is head into the “Portrait” mode in the camera app. Then, tap on the lens selection icon at the top (three circles) and select “Portrait Colour Retention”. In videos, tap on the same lens selection icon, and choose the preferred colour filter that you want.

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Take stunning low-light photos with ease

The Reno4 Pro comes with a dedicated Night Mode.

Low-light has always been the bane of inexperienced photographers and videographers. It can take a lot of experience to know how to get usable photos when the going gets dark, but with a phone like the OPPO Reno4 Pro, you won’t need to fear the night.

For starters, the smartphone comes with a dedicated Night Mode for ultra-dark scenes. With this, you should be able to leverage the smartphone’s AI processing to take nice photos even when there’s next to no light.

Night Flare Portrait off                                                Night Flare Portrait on

On top of that, Reno4 Pro takes night photography to the next level with Night Flare Portrait which will let you take portrait photos that fuse the bokeh blurring effects of Portrait with enhanced nighttime vibrancy.

More into selfies? Take full advantage of the Ultra Night Selfie mode that is optimised for selfies at night. With it, you should be able to get the same kind of rich details for your nighttime selfies as you do in daylight.

Next-level slow-mo footage with AI Slow Motion

Sometimes it can be difficult to get the timing right when trying to capture slow motion footage. WIth the OPPO Reno4 Pro, you won’t need to worry about that. OPPO’s built a AI Slow Motion function into the smartphone that will take care of it for you. In fact, it will be able to take slow motion footage of up to 960fps!

All you need to do is enable the Slo-Mo mode in the camera app. Then, make sure that motion detection is turned on and you’re in a well-lit scene (for best results). Now, hit record and point the smartphone at the object that you want to capture a slow motion video of.

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Once the object moves into the box in the middle of your viewfinder, the OPPO Reno4 Pro will immediately capture it and save it into your gallery. This way, you won’t have to worry about hitting record at exactly the right moment because the phone will take care of it for you.

Say goodbye to shaky footage

Learning proper movement or investing in a stabilised gimbal is not something everyone can do right off the bat. However, it is important to avoid shaky footage when you’re shooting video because that can really affect the quality of the content.

That’s why OPPO’s Reno4 Pro features the company’s brand new Ultra Steady Mode 3.0. With this, shaky footage will be a thing of the past thanks to the smartphone’s ability to smoothen out handheld footage. What’s more, Ultra Steady Mode is also available on the front-facing camera, making it excellent for vloggers and YouTubers who depend on their phones for content creation.

And if regular Ultra Steady still isn’t enough, you can also enable an Ultra Steady Pro mode that’ll turn things up to eleven.

All those camera features and more so you can get clearly the best you

On top of the camera features, the OPPO Reno4 Pro is also a capable smartphone. This device features a nice 3D Borderless Sense Display which uses a Super AMOLED panel and is also Netflix HD certified. What’s more, it also has a refresh rate of 90Hz so you can enjoy awesome smoothness when using it. On top of that, all of those features come bundled in a smartphone that weighs just 161g!

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There’s a large 4,000 mAh battery that supports 65W SuperVOOC 2.0 Flash charging which can give you a full charge in just 36 minutes. The 65W SuperVOOC 2.0 is certified safe to use with TÜV Rheinland’s Safe Fast-Charge System Certification, so you can charge your handset with peace of mind.

The OPPO Reno4 Pro (8GB RAM + 256GB storage) will be available for RM2,399 while the standard Reno4 (8GB RAM + 128GB storage) variant will retail for RM1,699. You can pick one up for yourself at all OPPO Concept Stores, OPPO Official E-commerce stores, OPPO Official dealer stores as well as E-commerce partners such as Lazada and Shopee. You can also pick them up at Telco partners and Chain Store Partners.

OPPO x KLOOK Collaboration

Exclusively for the Reno4 Pro, MY OPPO members will also get RM100 KLOOK discount vouchers for the first 2,000 Reno4 Pro redemptions. Upon redemption, three lucky members will stand a chance to win the grand price of a 3D2N Island Escape at the Taaras Beach and Spa Resort with ATR Flight Experience.

Ten more lucky members will win the runner up prize and enjoy a 2D1N hotel stay plus two entrance tickets to the Sunway Lagoon Theme Park. OPPO would like to remind everyone to ensure their safety and the safety of their family while they enjoy the travel treats.

OPPO Cloud

Reno4 Pro users who are among the first 2,000 will receive a complimentary 120GB of OPPO Cloud Storage for 6 months which can be redeemed on the My OPPO App.

For more details on the OPPO Reno4 Pro, head to OPPO’s official website.