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Huawei has its own station on Shenzhen’s new metro line

Shenzhen has just opened two new metro lines yesterday which adds 78 km and 51 stations to the existing network. Interestingly, one of the stations is called Huawei on Line 10 of the Shenzhen Metro.

The Huawei Station is located next to Huawei’s headquarters at Longgang District in Shenzhen, between Gangtou and Bei’er Road stops. It’s worth pointing out that the large signages of the Huawei station is written traditional Chinese text (華為) while the other mentions are using simplified text (华为).

To mark the opening, fans have taken the opportunity to take photos of their phones next to the station’s sign. Apart from Huawei and Honor fans, other users have also taken photos along with their Apple and Xiaomi products.

The new Line 10 is expected to ease congestion of Line 4 as the route is partly running in parallel. CRRC Changchun has provided 35 eight-car 80km/h trainsets with a capacity of 2,114 passengers.

Shenzhen Huawei metro map
Source: Wikimedia

Shenzhen has one of the largest metro systems in the world in terms of length at 382.1km. That’s slightly longer than the New York City Subway (380.2km) but shorter than the London Underground (402km). Beijing Subway currently is the longest in the world at 690.5km.


Alexander Wong