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Xiaomi Mi TV Lux Transparent Edition uses a see-through OLED panel, priced over RM30,000

Following the announcement of the Mi 10 Ultra and Redmi K30 Ultra, Xiaomi revealed one more surprise to coincide with its 10th anniversary, the Mi TV Lux OLED Transparent Edition.

Xiaomi boasts that the new Mi TV as the world’s first mass-produced transparent TV with 55” edge-to-edge transparent OLED panel that appears to be suspended in the air. The Verge reports that the TV achieves its transparent look because Xiaomi put all its major components into the circular base instead of behind the display.

The see-through OLED screen, that looks like a normal piece of glass when its turned off, is said to use transparent OLED (TOLED) technology. This means it uses transparent components all the way through the stack that makes up the screen. It requires no backlighting as each diode emits its own light, making the images look like they are floating.

The MI TV Lux Transparent Edition comes with a 55″ transparent OLED panel that boasts a 150000:1 static contrast ratio, a 120Hz refresh rate and 1ms response rate. The TV is said to offer DCI-P3 93% colour spectrum support and has a 10-bit panel that shows 1.07 billion color combinations. 

The latest Mi TV uses an AI Master Smart Engine, along with a MediaTek 9650 custom-made TV chip. Xiaomi said it comes with over 20 optimization algorithms, adding that the device intelligently refines graphic resolution to create vibrant pictures. 

When it comes to audio, the Mi TV Lux Transparent Edition supports AI Master for Audio, that the company said allows the TV to detect the type of content playing and selects the best suited audio mode. It also boasts Dolby Atmos support for enhanced surround sound performance.

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The Mi TV Lux OLED Transparent Edition is said to run on a custom-made MIUI for TV. According to Xiaomi, the user interface is specifically designed to demonstrate the visual features and strength of the transparent screen, creating a unique user experience. The system also supports Always-On display and allows users to customize display images and texts. 

Xiaomi claims the Mi TVs have been ranked at the top for shipments for six consecutive quarters from Q1 2019 to Q2 2020, based on data from research firm All View Cloud.

The company said the Mi TV Lux OLED Transparent Edition will be sold in China for CNY 49,999 (about RM30,208), with official sales starting on 16 August. There is however, no official word if Xiaomi intends to ship the Mi TV Lux OLED Transparent Edition to overseas markets. For now, the TV is said to be exclusively sold in China.


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