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Travellers from Malaysia and Brunei no longer required to self-quarantine in the UK

Malaysia and neighbour Brunei have been added to the United Kingdom’s travel corridor list of nations.

This means travellers from these two countries are no longer required to self-isolate upon arrival in the UK.

UK Quarantine exempt list

A list published on the UK’s government Covid-19 pandemic guidance and support website showed the two new additions to the country’s exempted list, which was updated early this morning.

“The following countries were added to the exempt list at 4am (GMT) on Tuesday August 11, 2020; Brunei, Malaysia.

“If you arrive in England from one of the above countries on or after 4am (GMT), August 11, you may not need to self-isolate.

“If you arrived in England from one of the above countries before 4am (GMT), August 11, you will need to self-isolate,” the advisory said.

Other Asian countries on the exempt list include Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and Vietnam, as well as the special administrative regions of Hong Kong and Macau.

Malaysian borders, however, are still shut, whereby only those with valid reasons are allowed to enter the country, while locals are barred from travelling abroad. —  Malay Mail

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