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Nak Beli: MyEG now lets you buy groceries on subscription with up to 50% of savings

During the short period between Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin’s announcement and the start of the Movement Control Order, Malaysians flocked to the markets in droves, stockpiling groceries to prepare for a time of uncertainty. While the restrictions have been alleviated since, remaining social distancing measures mean that e-commerce solutions for groceries have continued to grow in importance.

Nak Beli, MyEG‘s e-commerce platform that focuses on groceries, fresh produce, and everyday essentials, has announced new monthly subscription plans to offer customers a flexible way to have groceries delivered. Additional savings of up to 50 percent via the platform are also available as part of the Nak Beli Flexi Value Plan.

Monthly subscription fees are set at RM100, RM200, or RM500, and you’ll be able to choose plan durations of either one, three, six, or 12 months. According to TS Wong, Group Managing Director of MYEG, the new plans are a way to increase potential savings for customers:

“Groceries purchase is a significant percentage of most households’ expenditure. With a subscription model, we are able to commit steady orders directly with the farms hence passing on the savings to our subscribers.”

Nak Beli’s Flexi Value Plan comes as part of MyEG’s strategy to fill the e-commerce grocery niche in Malaysia, with the Movement Control Order taking force in March 2020. The platform is pressing on with plans, as online (grocery) shopping can provide a safer (and often more convenient) alternative to physical supermarkets and wet markets.

According to MyEG, the platform also aims to help local, small-scale, and sustainable farming, while encouraging a “healthier diet” for Malaysians. As such, all groceries and produce sold on the platform have been sourced directly from local farmers and fishermen to ensure quality and freshness.

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If you’re in the mood for more savings, MyEG also runs a Nak Beli Lelong Live in Bahasa Malaysia on Facebook every Tuesday at 5pm (MYT), with celebrities such as Chef Wan and Alif Satar hosting the streams. There is also a Mandarin-language Lelong session every Wednesday at 5pm (MYT), with hosts including Amber Chia and Wan Wai Fun. Discounts of up to 50 percent and free deliveries are available during the streams.

To find out more about Nak Beli, or to sign up for the new Flexi Value Plan, head over to Nak Beli’s official website here.