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watchOS 7: Public beta now available, here’s how to get it on your Apple Watch

The public beta for watchOS 7 is now available and brings a host of new features including sleep tracking, hand wash detection and more customisation for watch faces.

Take note that the public beta isn’t the final release so it isn’t recommended for those who don’t want any surprising bugs or issues on their Apple Watch. Only proceed if you’re fully aware with the risks and potential issues that may pop-up as a result of using a beta software.

To give watchOS 7 public beta a go, you must first update your iPhone to iOS 14 public beta. Similarly, you must also enrol your device on the Apple Beta Software Program website. Just login with your Apple ID and you might need to enter a code that’s sent to your Apple device for verification. When you’re in, you can enrol your Apple Watch and then download the beta profile from your iPhone.

Once that’s done, just go to Settings > General > Profiles & Device Management, and then click to install the profile. Next, you can just update the Apple Watch software to get the latest watchOS 7 beta.

Apple has warned that the Watch’s VoiceOver feature isn’t working on watchOS 7 beta 4. If you rely on this feature, you are advised not to proceed with the beta until the issue is solved. If you come across any problems, you are encouraged to provide feedback using their Feedback Assistant.

Unfortunately, if you’re using the Apple Watch 2nd gen or older, you’re out of luck. watchOS 7 is only compatible for Apple Watch Series 3 and above. You can check out the list of top watchOS 7 features here.

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