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Jennie of Blackpink has her own Samsung Galaxy Note 20 in Mystic Red

Mystic Bronze is Samsung’s latest hero colour which is offered for the Galaxy Note 20, Galaxy Z Flip 5G and the Z Fold 2. In South Korea, Samsung is offering the Galaxy Note 20 in striking red exclusively through KT. Like the S20+ Aura Red edition, the South Korean operator has engaged Jennie of Blackpink to promote the Mystic Red Note 20 5G.

Since this isn’t the Note 20 Ultra, the Note 20 in Mystic Red comes with a flat 6.7″ Super AMOLED 60Hz display that pushes a Full HD+ resolution. For the Korean market, it gets a Snapdragon 865+ processor with 8GB RAM and 256GB of internal storage.

If you pick up the Galaxy Note 20 with KT 5G subscription, they are offering 3 months of Netflix, 3 months of game streaming and a photobook for free. Interestingly, there’s no sighting of the Mystic Red Galaxy Buds Live in the video but according to @TEQHNIKACROSS, it does exists as shown below.

Apart from Mystic Red, the Note 20 is also offered in Mystic Blue and Mystic Pink in addition to Mystic Bronze and Mystic Grey. From the looks of it, the Mystic Blue edition is exclusive to SK Telecom. However, it appears that Mystic Green which is currently available for the Malaysian market is currently not offered for the South Korean market.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Blue, Pink and Red

While the red and blue colour options are exclusive to South Korea, we reckon Samsung Malaysia might offer these extra colours later this year. In May, Samsung had introduced the Galaxy S20 Ultra in Cloud White and in June, they had released the Galaxy S20+ in Aura Red. A few weeks ago, they have also introduced the Galaxy Buds+ in Aura Red for the Malaysian market.

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In case you missed it, the Galaxy Note 20 is officially priced at RM3,899 for the LTE version and RM4,299 for the 5G variant. Pre-orders are now available and Samsung is offering a pair of Galaxy Buds+, a UV sanitiser and a wireless charger. You can find out what we think in our first impressions.

What do you think of the colours? Let us know in the comments below.

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