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Nintendo is deleting hacked dream islands on Animal Crossing

If you’re (still) an avid player of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you’ll know about their latest update—the Dream Suite—where players can upload their islands to the internet for other people to visit at any time in a dream-like state. However, Nintendo has reportedly been taking down dream islands which use any sort of cheating or hacking—which players have been using mostly for decorative purposes.

Dream islands are great for letting players visit more popular players’ islands without needing to be mutual friends in the game. To do so, you would just need to share your Dream Address (click here to learn how to do it) to other players, and they can visit your island anytime, without needing to worry if they are going to steal any of your fruits or resources (because they’re not allowed to in Dreams mode).

However, some players used mods and hacks that do things like change fruit trees into trees that bear star fragments. And apparently, these hacks just won’t fly with Nintendo if you uploading in the Dream Suite.

Animal Crossing players are sharing emails from Nintendo on Twitter informing them that the company has taking down their content because it “violates its user agreement” including the Nintendo Code of Conduct. While it’s true that things like star fragment trees are hacks, fans don’t see the harm in something that only exists for decorative purposes.

“For crying out loud, how do different trees affect anyone else’s gameplay in a non-competitive game?! It’s so disappointing and frustrating to not be able to share my island I spent so much time working on,” wrote KB, an Animal Crossing player.

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However, fans say that there’s no system for appealing Nintendo’s decision at the moment. Emails of dream island takedowns from Nintendo include the line, “This is Nintendo’s final decision.”

Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ earlier update included being able to swim in the water and search for new sea life.


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