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7 telco employees arrested by MACC for selling customer data

The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) has successfully crippled a syndicate with the arrest of 7 staff members from several different telco companies. They are now under investigation for allegedly revealing personal data of their customers, and gained profits amounting to millions of ringgit for the past five years.

“The syndicate is believed to have bribed telco companies’ staff to provide them with customer’s data. We will be investigating them soon,” said a source.

Sources said that SMS were sent providing promotional and other services to telco customers. The SMS, however, was sent by the syndicate. Handphone users were charged between 50 sen to RM4. Telco customers were unaware that they were being charged for service.

“The syndicate’s main targets were prepaid card users as the charges would not be reflected by the bill. The syndicate is also believed to have been making claims to telecommunication companies as service charges. This means that they were raking in profits from both mobile users and telcos,” said the source.

The staff members—aged between 38 to 44—included a company director and his technical staff. They were arrested at various locations in the Klang Valley and were remanded for four days.


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